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There’s not much crafting going on here at Ruth’s Place. I’m spending my days writing, rewriting, reading and editing. Yesterday I sent off a draft of the second chapter of my thesis to my university and in a few weeks time I have to go to Australia and do an oral presentation to a panel and then attend an interview.This is to monitor my progress and get the whole thing ready for submission at the end of the year.

The day after that I’m flying to Hong Kong to present a paper at a conference. I’ve been very lucky in that my university provided me with a travel scholarship so that I could attend. Without it I doubt I’d be able to go.

I have pulled yarn from the stash in anticipation of plane crocheting. I’m hoping to get 2 Christmas presents 90% done on the plane rides so that all I have to do on my return is stuff them and sew them up. I haven’t printed the patterns yet because our printer decided to stop working.

Anyway, for your entertainment, here is a picture I did recently. Gorgeous Girl and I sat down and did some drawing and playing with ink one day after school for a few minutes. It was a good way to transition from school to home and I think I’m going to try and do this more often.


I’m hoping to get some ears sewn on to a hippopotamus tonight. Eyes will probably have to wait until the end of the year when we are back in Australia. I haven’t seen any for sale here in PNG.

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This album was completed during the small minutes. You know those minutes you have here and there? I left it out on my table and while I was waiting for a pot to boil or for Gorgeous Girl to get out of the shower I’d trim a few photos, ink some edges, that sort of thing. It’s very plain, there’s not a lot of embellishment, but I like it.

It’s a book celebrating her time as a bridesmaid last year for Gorgeous Man’s cousin’s wedding.




I think this is my favourite photo of Gorgeous Girl from the wedding, the photographer used a mirror to frame each of the bridal party.



and these last two photos are just amazing.



The last photo is of the wedding venue. I figured that the photos were so stunning that lots of embellishments would detract from them. (Also I didn’t have a lot of classy wedding embellishments in the stash and my nearest scrapbooking store is a plane ride away).

I tried something new with Gorgeous Girl today. After picking her up from school and driving home we both sat down and did some drawing and painting to ease into the afternoon routine. I’ll get photos of both our masterpieces tomorrow.

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I needed a pick-me-up card for a friend this week and so put this one together. I’m happy with how it turned out.

remembrance card2

I’m mainly putting this here so that the friends and relatives who have contributed to the card by sending me bits and pieces from their die cutting machines can see how I’m using them.

remembrance card1

I think next time I’ll add some detailing to the leaves.

Lots of quick easily finished projects at the moment. The thesis is definitely on a downhill slope so I’m looking forward to having a little bit more crafting time come December.

What have you been up to?

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It’s the start of the birthday months here at Ruth’s Place. Most of our family and extended family’s birthdays fall in the months of September and October.

So I’ve been making a few cards. I’m thankful to friends and family who send me their scrapbooking scraps and odds and ends from their die cutting machines. A new injection of papers every so often helps keep the mojo going as I can put new combinations together. This card is thanks to Lisa and Kate.

fathersday card

In hindsight I should have inked the edges of the map and the flowers to tie them all in together…

flag birthday card

Again should have inked the edges…

Jbirthday card

Upcycling a page from an old diary.


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You may have noticed that there’s been a dearth of scrapbooking around here recently. I’ve been stalled by a very lovely photo that Gorgeous Man took of Gorgeous Girl. Every time I got it out to scrap I stared at it and at my supplies and felt I just couldn’t do it justice and so instead of using another photo I kept packing everything up again… Not very smart.

Anyway, today I received a very lovely care package from a very good friend in Australia. In it were some chapter books for Gorgeous Girl (she even squealed and did a little dance over one of them she was so excited), some magazines for me and some scrapbooking paper and die cut embellishments.

As soon as I saw a cluster of paper I knew that it would be perfect for the photo which had been stealing my mojo.


Please excuse the camera shadow, it’s too dark outside for photos. It’s just a really clean simple layout, but I think it works for the photo. I still need to add the date and the location to the bottom corner of the page.

I’ve been making a more conscious effort to comment on the blogs that I read lately. I kind of miss the old days of blogging way back before facebook when we commented more frequently rather than just reading and liking and passing on by. If you’re a regular reader I’d love to hear from you. Of course the lack of comments could also mean that no one is reading and I’m blogging to myself :D and that’s OK too.

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Life’s been busy here for the past week. So I only have a little finish to share. Most of this was done in the car (as a passenger), a small hat for charity.

crochet hat 1

Gorgeous Man says it looks like a flapper’s hat from the 1920s. I knitted a flower to go with it.

crochet hat2

I’m really pleased with how this came together. I hope it brings joy to someone.

Gorgeous Girl and I dyed some more yarn today, at her request. At this stage I’m considering one batch a success and one is more ‘meh’ but I’ll make a final assessment once it is dry and re-skeined.

Pictures to follow.

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A few weeks ago Gorgeous Girl and I dyed some yarn.

pink and blue stripe yarn

Last week I was in need of an easy car project and so cast on a hat for Gorgeous Girl. A few trips in the car later and it was done.

koolaid hat 1

Complaining about the flash.

koolaid hat 3

I like the way it striped on the top.

I think I’m going to have to break out the dyepots and dye up some more yarn.


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