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Usually, I see a pattern that I like on Ravelry and I add it to my insanely ambitious far too long queue and it marinates there for years a while until I get around to casting it on. However, when I saw this Wrap around crochet bracelet I had to cast on immediately.

It took me a while to get the hang of it, and I’m still not entirely convinced that I’ve done it exactly right, but I love how it turned out.


The seeds are a Japanese seed bead mix that I’ve had for a while now. I bought them when we were living in South Africa (so they are at least 3 years old) and didn’t end up using them for the project I had them in mind for as they were too small for the yarn.

This thread is 100% silk handspun, Navajo-plied (three ply). I used a 1.75 mm hook so it’s smaller than the original pattern.

It’s too hot to wear here, but I’m hoping to get some use out of it when we visit cooler climates (where you don’t sweat all the time).


I’m still trying to decide if it’s beautiful and cool or really rather daggy.

Gorgeous Girl has requested one for herself. She raided the bead and yarn stashes and came up with a silver bead, purple yarn combo. It’s in progress.

I was going to show you a crochet blanket that I was working on. However, when I laid it out to take a photo I discovered that it was turning into a pyramid, going in at both sides. Obviously I have a problem with blankets. It’s been frogged and restarted using a different (hopefully fool-proof) pattern.

On the agenda for today is finishing a dress for a certain Gorgeous Girl.

We are currently without water. Fortunately I’d had a shower and made a pot of coffee before it went off so I’m feeling half-way human. And there is 15 litres of drinking water in the cupboard. What? You don’t stockpile bottled water at your place?

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I finished the dress for Gorgeous Girl’s doll. I’m pleased with how it turned out. This doll belonged to me as a child but she lives with Gorgeous Girl now.

doll dress1

The pattern is a free one from from Oliver + S. I am a sewing pattern novice and this was easy to follow. I’d pay money for some of their other patterns it was so well written.

I think Gorgeous Girl is happy with the dress.

doll dress2

Dress, sewn by me, fabrics chosen by Gorgeous Girl.

(As an aside, you can see the neighbour’s house in the background of the photo. Ours is identical.  We park our car underneath).

While hunting through the stash to find the fabric for Gorgeous Girl’s dress I came across a few test blocks from a quilt I decided not to go ahead with (test blocks revealed some serious flaws in the pattern instructions). I decided to whip them together quickly and make a coaster for Gorgeous Girl to keep on the coffee table. Not my best work, but out of the stash and put to use…

quick coaster

This is my picture. Not content with that, Gorgeous Girl asked for the camera so she could style the shot.


Her dress is in progress, but I’ve learned not to sew when tired, so instead of finishing it off tonight I’m going to crash on the couch with some knitting for about 20 minutes and then head to bed. Hopefully I’ll be able to sneak a few minutes at the machine tomorrow.


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When I lived in South Africa I belonged to a number of yarn and fibre clubs run by the fabulous Carle at Nurturing Fibres.   Last year I used one of the yarn clubs to make this shawlette.

22.5 degrees1

Each yarn club came with the main ball of yarn and then a small ball of luxury yarn dyed in the same colourway. I needed to break into my luxury yarn to finish this off and I had a tiny ball left over. I didn’t want to just throw it out, but there really wasn’t enough to do much with. Anyway, a few minutes with my crochet hook and I had made this.

crochet flower bookmark

A new bookmark, and there was only one inch of yarn left at the end.

Recently I decided that it might be time to cut into the fabric that I bought to make Gorgeous Girl a dress with far too many a few years ago. This free pattern,  the popover sundress by Oliver+S caught my eye.

I decided to make the doll sized dress first to make sure I understood all the instructions in the pattern before cutting into the good stuff. (Also Gorgeous Girl is unwell and is not willing to stand still for measurements etc). Gorgeous Girl picked two fabrics from her fabric stash. I enlarged the pattern. Her vintage doll (used to be mine) is the same length as the doll the dress is designed for, but is a little bit wider.

Several hours later I have a half finished dress.


I think Gorgeous Girl has put really nice fabrics together. The sense of accomplishment I felt when I realised I had successfully added the bias strip to the sleeve was ridiculous.


You have to remember that the last time I made a garment from a pattern was 22 years ago and I did it with lots of help from a friend’s mother. You are also reading the blog of a woman who failed sewing in Year 8 (back in the days when F’s still appeared on report cards) and only managed to scrape a C- in Year 10 (the last time I took the subject…)

Gorgeous Girl is on holidays at the moment, and she’s got a nasty chest infection. So the school hours when I usually work on my thesis are otherwise occupied at the moment. This means I need to start using my evening crafting time as writing time instead. So I don’t expect to see this finished until next weekend.

It’s currently sitting on the ironing board and I pat it every time I go past.


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It’s been a hectic time since I posted last. In summary: we’ve had 20 hours without power; lost internet twice (for a period of 4 days each time); had the car in for repairs (finally seem to have found an honest and competent mechanic, so we are rejoicing over that);  while sitting in a traffic jam I also saw the car in front of mine get sideswiped by an oncoming truck (cosmetic damage only to both vehicles, but scary to watch)…

Amongst all that and the thesis writing I’ve been chipping away at some of my projects. I pulled out the crochet blanket and re-crocheted it all. I had a variation of 5 stitches along one edge, there was no way that was going to block out. I was pretty sick of this yarn by the end of the process, but I think it was worth it in the end.

An arty shot.

I’ve also had plied yarn sitting on the wheel for about 10 days. Finally got it wound off and washed this weekend.

Superfine merino, two ply from fibre I dyed myself. It’s the same dye lot. But I managed to get the colours in one of the skeins to match a little bit better than in the other and hence it looks more vibrant. I haven’t measured wraps per inch or yardage yet.

I hope life has been a bit calmer for all of you.

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There’s been a small knitting finish. This is a very small hat.

Pattern is Swirl. A great free pattern. I’ll be making this again in thicker yarn. The pattern comes in a variety of sizes. This Premmie one is going to a hospital in South Africa.

I recently spent some time cutting more fabric for the Very Hungry Caterpillar quilt that I’m making up as I go along. My foot has been much improved lately and I wasn’t too sore after standing and cutting for several hours. I think an end to the whole ordeal may finally be in sight (as long as I remember to do my Physiotherapy exercises). After cutting I had time to piece a border for one side.

I think I’ll need two pieced borders on either side and one pieced border at each end to make it fit Gorgeous Girl’s bed, but we’ll see how it goes. I have more of this fabric left over, so I have ideas for another (play mat sized) quilt floating around in my head. I’m pleased with how this one is turning out. I’ve also realised I could never write patterns for a living. My brain won’t do the maths. Hence the irregular sized blocks in the border.

What are you working on?

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One of our neighbours is turning one next week. (I promise this next bit is related) Yesterday Gorgeous Man and Gorgeous Girl and her new carpooling friend set off for school. Traffic was so bad that they moved 100 metres in an hour. At 8.45 am (an hour and a half after they had set off) Gorgeous Man made the executive decision to turn the car around and bring them home for the day.

In the morning Gorgeous Girl and her friend did some maths and English worksheets and books I had in the house. They also did some painting and played outside. After her friend went home at lunch time. We decided to use the rest of our school free day sewing. (I also have to stop studying if Gorgeous Girl is home for the day, so it was ‘school free’ for both of us).  Gorgeous Girl asked if she could make a birthday present for the neighbour.

She raided her stash and drew a design on a piece of paper. (She traced one of our wooden figurines from South Africa). I helped by pinning the two bits of fabric together, cutting out, and sewing around the curves.

Presenting “Hornbill”

Side B

I also stuffed and sewed the eyes. I think it’s a great design. She’s very clear on her design vision, shape and fabric wise, just needs a little bit of help in the execution of it.

Hopefully her little friend will like his Gorgeous Girl Original.

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While we were in Australia I made the front of this card. I’m pleased with how this turned out. Really must get some inks of my own next time I’m back there.

It’s more purple and less blue in real life, also more green than yellow… could not get this to photograph correctly.

I finally got around to sewing in the ends on a couple of hats for charity. I’m planning on knitting a few more and then sending them off to a lady in one of my South African groups on Ravelry for delivery to a hospital in Cape Town.

I would need to double check the stash, but I think this is the last of the orange striped yarn. I still have a ton of the blue yarn left, unfortunately it is one of my ‘what was I thinking?’ yarns. I might do some crocheting with it next…

After a long absence my sewing machine has been run through it’s paces. I’ve added the borders to Gorgeous Girl’s Very Hungry Caterpillar quilt. (Yes, I’m aware that she has no need of a quilt here. Occasionally she gets her quilts out puts them on the floor to play on).

I need to lay it on her bed to check the length. I’m making this up as I go along, so the next step is to add some more coloured squares on the sides to make it wider.


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After making the other two pages I felt inspired to enter another online challenge. It’s been a while since I entered one of these. Often the challenges specify items that aren’t in my stash and living in a country with no scrapbooking stores makes entering those sorts of challenges difficult.

Anyway, this week I saw a challenge at Stuck?!Sketches.

I really liked the sketch.

february 1

This is my take on it.

Materials used: Background paper is DCVW Neutrals cardstock stack. Flowers are fussy cut from Kaiser Craft Hippy Girl collection.  Circle is free-hand and the photo layer and banner were done with spray inks.

Some closeups of the page.

I adore this paper and wanted to stretch it as far as I could, so I fussy cut out the embellishments.

I spent a little time during the holidays experimenting with doodling. This is a zentangle pattern.

Yes, I’m still scrapbooking photos from 3 years ago. To be honest I’m not sure I’ll ever get “caught up”. But I’m having fun and I guess that’s the main thing.

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I finished this scarf just before we left for Australia. I love how it’s turned out. The yarn is from Nurturing Fibres.

I had a crochet finish while we were away.

Handspun yarn from fibre I dyed myself. I’m pleased with how this turned out. Of course there is no need for a warm shawl here in Papua New Guinea, so it’s been packed away for visits to cold climates.

I was spoilt while we were in Australia. My good friend Kerin in Perth sent me a large package of her paper scraps. She has awesome scraps :D

My SIL Rockmelon Recycled gifted me with some embellishments and showed me how she created her backgrounds. (Mists are now on my shopping list). Last, but not least my SMIL gave me some fabulous scrapbooking papers for Christmas. This generosity has kick starting my scrap booking mojo and I turned out two pages in a short space of time.

First is this layout of our Christmas in Zambia in  2011. Better scrapped late than never. The paper is Kaiser Craft from SMIL and I took a big breath and painted directly onto the paper for the jounalling spots. Butterflies are from SIL.

I really like the way this one has turned out.

This next page is from the same day as the first one and is about how the hotel brought me a foot stool to put my handbag on. The paper is from Stampin’ Up and was a gift from SMIL. I’ve used Creativ paper flowers and the die cut is from my SIL. Photo corners were a prize from Cathi. 

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the page.

Gorgeous Girl also did some scrapbooking while I was working on these pages.

Completely unassisted. She also painted  her journalling spot. There is journalling on it which doesn’t show in this picture. I think she’s going to be a better scrapper than I am before too long.

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I’ve spent the last few days working on this little fellow.

In hindsight I should have put the ears closer together…

I’m pretty sure the recipient doesn’t read my blog so I should be safe posting it here. I can’t decide if he’s really cute or if I’m going to be the aunty that gives the weird gift…

If you’d like to make your own you can find the free pattern here. It doesn’t use much yarn. The one modification to the pattern I made was to line the body of the rabbit with fabric before sewing it together.

Gorgeous Girl has been helping me make Christmas cards. She chose the two background papers for this one. I think it works in a weird kind of way, and the summery island feel to the paper is entirely appropriate to an antipodean Christmas.

The stamp is from a Stampin’  Up set that was a gift from my good friend Kerin a few years ago.

It comes with ornaments too.

And song lyrics.

I probably should have torn the centre paper instead of cutting it. I’m not sure it works in it’s current form.

I think I’ll do the rest of the cards like this.

I coloured this one. Gorgeous Girl has been colouring some of the others, but they went to her teachers before I got a photo of them.

Nice and simple and quick to do.

My current crafting goal is to get my beaded yarn plied and off the spinning wheel before we head to Australia. I’d also like to get some more done on Gorgeous Girl’s new quilt and make her another pillow case for Christmas before we head off…Not sure if I’ll get all that done.

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