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Flush with the success of knitting up my very first handspun. I decide to tackle knitting up my very first navajo plied yarn.

(There’s a lot of knitting at the moment because I’m trying to finish up stuff to take with me to Australia as gifts, because I *ahem* don’t trust the South African postal service with my precious hand knitted goodies.)

This is a hat for my Father-in-law. The rustic brown is the first ever wheel spun (I n-plied what was left over from one bobin) and the red is the third ever wheel spun.

To prove that it’s not a hat for a giant this time, I’m including a shot of Gorgeous Girl modelling the hat for me.

(She’s getting a haircut this week).

Still on the list of gifts to knit:

1 pair of fingerless gloves, two scarves and a shawl for me, plus a hat for Gorgeous Girl to match the cardigan I made her last year. 86 days until we leave – I think I can do it.

I’m a bit stalled with my current quilt because the pattern had an error, and now I need to unpick, resew and do some maths… need to get to that sometime soon. Also sucking up the sewing time is the fact that my sewing group, the Free Radicals, are making 2 blocks a month for each member (one member a month), there’s 10 of us, so each person will end up with 20 blocks – enough for a quilt top. It took me all of last month to make one 12 inch block. Angst over my sewing skills…AND I forgot to take a photo. So next month I owe one block from last month and 2 blocks for this month. Better go and raid the stash…

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How to knit a hat.

1. Take a skein of your very first handspun yarn and knit a tension (gauge) swatch.

2. Do some maths and cast on – ignore the vague sense of unease that it seems awfully wide by telling yourself that it has to go around the whole head.

3. Consult knitting bible to determine how long a hat for a man should be before you should start to decrease – ignore vague sense of unease that it seems awfully long by telling self that hats look different in three dimensions.

4. Ignore growing sense of unease and the remarks of a commenter that it looks awfully big for a hat by telling self that the seam will make a difference.

5. Finish decreases. Ignore the unease that is now screaming for your attention and sew up the hat.

6. Sigh, unpick stitching and frog hat.

7. Note with surprise that your yarn stands up to frogging.

8. Reknit hat ignoring previous gauge calculations.

9. Do the happy dance when the (second) hat fits the giftee. Remember to quickly snap a picture of the hat (it looks exactly the same as the one above, but smaller) before it walks out the door.

10. Flush with success cast on another hat with first ever Navajo plied yarn…

I’ll keep you posted on how that one goes…

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Scarves for Africa!

Last weekend sewkalico, who happens to be in South Africa at present, came over to deliver the scarves that her mother and mother-in-law have been knitting. These are for the Scarves for Africa Project.

All I can say is WOW.

There’s 28 scarves there, and they are still knitting! Not pictured is the stationary that was provided by one of the husbands, he doesn’t knit but still wanted to be involved, so he bought a bunch of calculators and art supplies!

Thank you so much!!

If you are knitting,  I’m planning on delivering to B in the first week of June so that she can get the scarves to the children before winter really starts to hit hard. Leave me a comment if you need my postal address.

I know you are all hanging out to see my first knitted object from my handspun, but these scarves deserve a post of their own.

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I think the new yarn I’ve bought is finally out of my system…

There are three baby hats there for friends of Gorgeous Man. Seems his friends are having a bit of a baby boom this year 😉 and two for Gorgeous Girl. The yarn is Elle Escapade in the roller coaster colourway and the pattern is based on Handle.

I’ve started knitting up my first homespun. The very first yarn that came off the wheel. It’s fun, and it’s even acting like real yarn! But I can’t decide if it’s wonderfully rustic or if I am in fact knitting carpet.

Gorgeous Man gets the “Gee-I-dodged-a-bullet-I’m-so-glad-she-isn’t-making-that-for-me” look on his face whenever I work on it.

It’s going to be a beanie for my step-father-in-law. I have to admit that the yarn is a little scratchy and I’m pinning my hopes on a good soak in wool wash.

So, let me know, rustic or carpet?

In other news (because nothing is simple here) after great wailing, gnashing of teeth and several phonecalls to banks and online booking services we finally have our plane tickets booked and confirmed. Did I mention that I’m looking forward to visiting home?

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And the winner is…

And the winner of the my giveaway for the quilt pattern was Kristie of Cowgirl Quilter. If you haven’t seen her blog before you really should check it out. I love reading about her life on a farm and seeing her amazing quilts.

Congrats Kristie, leave me a comment and we’ll sort out a postal address for getting your pattern to you.

In other very exciting news. Tomorrow I will be buying plane tickets for Gorgeous Man, Gorgeous Girl and I to fly to Australia on holiday!! It will be our first trip home in three years. To say we are excited would be understating things somewhat. Even better – the plane tickets dropped in price by three thousand Rand (for the three of us)  today 🙂

Almost as exciting as that, I’ve finally finished the baby gift knitting (as well as two extra hats for Gorgeous Girl). Pictures of them when I’ve had a chance to take them.

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The Spinner’s Study group on Ravelry (sorry posting with wriggly baby on my lap, no links) were focusing on Alpaca in February. I had some alpaca in the stash and after receiving lots of great advice from the group I jumped right in.

It’s just over 300 yards from 3.25 ounces (92 grams and 276 metres for metric folk).

This is going to make a simple lacey scarf for my mum. Since she’s not a knitter she won’t block anything after she’s washed it, so nothing too fancy.  I’m very pleased with how this turned out. Hopefully it won’t fall apart when I knit it!

Gorgeous Man has a number of friends (three to be precise) who are expecting babies and he asked if I would knit something for them. I finally found some good gender neutral yarn that wasn’t completely boring in my LYS. This weekend saw me knitting like a mad woman. This yarn is addictive.

I started making the first hat and then realised that it was going to be way too big for a baby. What to do? finish it off and give it to a Gorgeous Girl of course.

Here she is waiting patiently to put her cooler sun hat on. She loves hats and often wears them around the house.

Here is the hat I ended up with for the first of Gorgeous Man’s friends.

And another picture because I love the top and the decreases

I’ve finished another one that is identical to this and there is a fourth one on the needles. All up I think I’ll do five, because Gorgeous Girl needs to have one with a loop as well.

There’s just something about the striping of this yarn that I am totally fascinated by…

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Giveaway 2

Time for another giveaway.

I am unlikely to ever make the same quilt twice (not when I have a gazillion quilts on my To Do list). So I’ve decided to give away the pattern for the Snake in the Grass quilt that I recently finished for Gorgeous Girl.

Any novelty fabric would do for the centre squares.

To enter leave me a comment by Sunday, March 8. I’ll get Gorgeous Girl to pull a name.

All I ask is that when you make this quilt you link to me so that I can take a look. (If you’d like to then pass the pattern on in a giveaway that would be cool too.)

PLEASE NOTE: The giveaway is for the PATTERN ONLY

Don’t go thinking you are going to win the quilt 🙂 Just the pattern

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