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I strapped a soft toy into the front seat of the car. Whenever I get in the car I strap Gorgeous Girl into her car seat, put on my own seatbelt and comment that we “never, ever get into a car without a seatbelt”. So today she insisted that her toy elephant sit in the front passenger seat with a seatbelt.

We only made it 200 metres down the road because the car made that weird lurching that it was doing last month (before it was repaired) so I turned right around and went home again. So much for the trip to the bank and the groceries, but there is no way I was going to risk going out with the car in that condition. Of course Gorgeous Man came and picked it up, took it for a drive and it behaved perfectly, and perfectly again when he went to get the groceries this afternoon…

I worked this weekend, so not much time for crafty stuff. I did manage to make a couple of cards – no pictures and do a scrapbook layout. Grandpa’s place in Australia was full of lots of fun things and we got some fabulous photos of our Gorgeous Girl.

Not going out to the bank this morning did  have some advantages. While Gorgeous Girl slept I worked on one of my blocks for the Free Radical’s block swap. This is the second of the two black, white and red blocks that I had to do.

Now tell me honestly, is the block a complete disaster?

You see between cutting and sewing the HSTs and the final construction was a period of a few weeks, and even using the instructions from the website I couldn’t work out how to put the block together following the original pattern. So this block is a Ruth Special pattern. I’m still not sure about it… The person it is going to is very artistic and not at all traditional, so it might work for her.

Gorgeous Man has a work related trip to the USA coming up in October. He has offered to bring me back a spinning wheel. My current one is a little loud for spinning and watching TV etc. So I’m currently considering options. I know that buying a spinning wheel without spinning on it is risky – kind of like buying a car without a test drive…but even if it’s a complete disaster, wheels seem to hold their resale value pretty well. We would also need to work with a supplier to ship to his hotel, so would need to get timing right. At the moment I’m torn between the Kromski Sonata and the Schacht Ladybird. The Ravelers have given me lots of good advice about both wheels, but I’m a bit stuck. I may end up not getting one and just ordering a truckload of fibre instead 🙂 I’d like to try some of the fancy blends out there. I only have merino and cotton to spin at the moment. [And given that I currently have three parcels missing in action (thank you thieves at South Africa Post and Customs) I’m not inclined to risk Etsy orders direct to SA.]

I’m looking for a second wheel that is super quiet.

Recently I got my hair cut. I think, after 3 and 1/2 years, that I have finally found a hairdresser who ‘gets’ my hair. Here it is on the day of the cut. She blowdried it straight and then got out the straightening tools. It looked fabulous, but hasn’t looked like this since.

I’ll try and get a pic of the hair in it’s usual form. I’m having some exceptionally good hair days, and some rather dodgy days, but overall I’m happy with it. Which is saying a lot since I usually come out of the hairdresser hating what they have done and hating it even more the next day.

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The Western Cape of South Africa is a stunningly beautiful place. Where we live there are high mountains that meet the sea. I can see both mountains and oceans from my window while I’m working. However, there are also large flat areas that in spring have marvellous displays of wildflowers.

We recently took a drive to see what we coud find. We were a bit early in the season, but there was still some nice stuff around.

The first place we stopped was a small nature reserve. They had added the board walk since we were there last. Gorgeous Girl loved running on it.

I’m hoping that she will have her eyes open in the picture Gorgeous Man took, but I love this picture for the sheer joy it shows.

We then went to this flower reserve on a hill.

The view.

Gorgeous Girl loved the daisies –

and the bugs on them.

They were kind of cool.

I had my weigh in at the gym today. Weight loss is less than a kilo, so not worth mentioning, but I did make it onto the Curves “Wall of Fame” this month: 2 cms off waist, 2cms of thighs and 4cms off hips = 10 cms total loss. Now to get there more consistently next month and keep heading in the right direction.

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I’m a farmer!

A worm farmer that is.

A few weeks ago Gorgeous Man and I bought a worm farm. I love it! I’ve been wanting a worm farm for a number of years and we were thrilled to find a guy that makes them locally.

Essentially it is three tubs on top of each other with a tap in the bottom one to let out the worm juice.

There is something immensely satisfying about taking all of the raw food scraps (except onions and meat) and chopping them up into little pieces (this makes them rot faster and so is easier for the worms to eat). We have a bucket with a lid in the kitchen and the food scraps go into that and then once a week we take it out and feed the worms. Gorgeous Girl loves to drag the bucket across the floor to the workbench whenever she sees us preparing food.

One benefit (aside from all the super fertilizer and natural pesticide that I’m going to harvest) is that we are sending less waste to land fill. I’m waiting for it to warm up a little so that we can get the spring garden planted and then hopefully we will have lots of wonderful vegetables.

Recycling is very much in it’s infancy here. We recycle all of our paper and glass – unlike Australia which has curb-side recycling pick up, we have to take all of our glass and paper to the designated drop off points. (I should note that there is curb-side pickup in some areas, just not ours). I still haven’t found a place to take plastic and tin though.

One thing we have found recently, which we are really enjoying is a service which delivers a box of farm fresh organic veggies each week (similar to the CSA schemes in the USA). We go and pick up each Thursday from a local health food store. We have tried some new to us vegetables like kale and kolrabi. It’s also gotten us out of the rut of cooking the same things over and over. If you are in SA and would like the link, please let me know, they operate in all major towns sourcing local food, and they will even deliever to your door for an extra R45.

We are on the cusp of the wildflower season here, so on Sunday we took a leisurely drive out to see the flowers. We were a bit early for the big displays, but Gorgeous Girl had a great time looking at the flowers, and I got to knit on my sock on the way. Pictures once they are downloaded from the camera and uploaded to Flickr.

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Puttering along

Do you ever feel like life is running a hundred metre sprint and you are stuck on  a treadmill frantically trying to keep up?

That’s been me for the last few weeks, nothing major going on (except for the car deciding to die while I was halfway through an intersection going up a hill – it’s all fixed now) just life in general.

I’ve been really good for the last 2 weeks at getting to the gym and that eats into time, but hopefully this month will show some improvement on measurement day.

There has been some crafting.

Firstly there is spinning. This is unwashed because we have had a week of solid rain and I’d like to wash it when it actually has a chance of getting dry. So I don’t have wraps per inch or yardage yet.

I’ve had to force myself not to put it in my bag to show random strangers I’m so proud of this. I’m so glad I have a blog where I can show people who understand.

Sorry couldn’t resist a close-up picture 🙂 The coins, from left to right, are a South African 10 cent, an Australian 5 cent and a US dime.

I’ve been chugging away on the fish quilt. 6 rows and borders to go. I’m going very slowly on this one because I don’t have a design wall and need to lay it out on the carpet to make sure everything matches up. Of course, this can’t happen while a certain Gorgeous Girl is awake…

I’ve made a few more cards.

I promised Kerin I’d put some pictures of the latest scrapping pages up as well. This one is in the 8 x 8 album.

This is the latest 12 x 12.

I’ve also finished a sock (for me) but will show pictures when there’s a pair.

I frogged Juno, and have decided to turn the yarn into a sweater for me. I will spin some beautiful laceweight for Juno. I love the pattern, just haven’t found the yarn for it yet.

Gorgeous Girl has decided that she doesn’t like to go in her nappy, she wants to use the “Toileee” so we are working on the potty training at present. However, I’m not taking her out of nappies until she is a little more consistent and it’s summer. It’s still a bit hit and miss at the moment.

Well I think that rounds up the last fortnight. Hopefully next week will be a little more regular with the posting and the blog visiting…

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