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Once upon a time, I was an historian and I used to produce worthy papers on notable topics with relative ease.

Last November, Gorgeous Man showed me a conference that was going to be held in 2010 and suggested that I pull out some of my research notes and write up a proposal to present a paper. Well, my proposal was accepted. Gorgeous Man is also going to be presenting at the same conference.

So we will be heading to Maryland in the USA at the end of March. We are going to stay for a few days after the conference finishes. We are also stopping over in Amsterdam for a few days on the way home.

I’m so out of practice writing academic papers that I’ve reordered the structure of the piece 4 times already. The research is mostly done, so I just need to put it together. I can only concentrate on this when Gorgeous Girl is sleeping and I’m not working (those two states of being do not coincide too often these days), so wish me luck.

The garden continues to produce well. We harvested the rest of the potatoes recently.

We share a driveway with our next door neighbours. On their side of the driveway is a fabulous fig tree with black figs. They never touch them and we have permission to take all we want. This makes me a very happy lady.

The green beans are delicious and we are harvesting enough for the three of us to eat every 2 days. We are also harvesting about this many cherry tomatoes every day. Gorgeous Man drizzled these in olive oil and slow roasted them in the oven, he then stirred them through pasta with feta cheese and black pepper. So simple, but one of the best things I’ve ever eaten!

In anticipation of our trip to the US and Europe (where it will be colder than here) I made Gorgeous Girl a few hats. I got out my handspun and asked her to choose some yarn. She picked this one.

This is using fibre that I dyed myself. Since I couldn’t stop at one hat, I cast on for another one.

This was fibre from a local South African dyer.

I’m also knitted a hat for me, but it still needs to have the ends woven in. Pictures to follow.

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