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After a day to recover from the flight we had our first conference appointment – the welcome ‘banquet’. Gorgeous Girl enjoyed the chocolate cake

and amused herself during the keynote address with Mummy and Daddy’s name tags.

The next day it was my turn to present my paper. Here I am trying very hard not to gnaw my fingernails off with nerves while I wait for the presenter before me to finish.

My paper seemed to be well received, and I have some ideas for the direction of future research when I return to study.

Gorgeous Girl was reasonably well behaved during my presentation.

Actually, she was very good given that it was the second session of the day. By the third session she was beginning to fade and so we rigged up a little bed for her at the back of the room.

She slept for about 40 minutes.

I took the opportunity to KIP and worked on some socks for Gorgeous Girl while listening to some very interesting presentations.

By the evening Gorgeous Girl had endured enough of meetings and sitting still,

here she is showing Zebra Sock Monkey how to run around a column.

Perhaps the funniest moment came on the second day of the conference, at the end of a very long and boring speech. When Gorgeous Girl realised that we were finishing she stood on her chair and shouted:

“Yay, we’re finishing. Now we can go to lunch!”

Our neighbours commented that she could say what everyone else was thinking because she was cute…

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Our trip – part one

One thing I love about blogging is that I get to subject people to my myriad of holiday photos. (evil grin) And I finally found time today to take my pictures from the camera and put them on the computer 🙂

Gorgeous Man and I were going to present papers at a conference in the USA.

Gorgeous Girl was very excited by the prospect of travelling on a plane again.

Here she is in the kitchen just before we left.

The little bear holds some small toys and pencils.

Getting settled on the plane before leaving Cape Town.

A few months ago I saw a 1000 piece sticker book in the book store and I bought it with this journey in mind. It was a big hit.

It kept her busy for hours and it’s still not finished. Gorgeous Girl recognises about half of the letters in the alphabet now…

Gorgeous Girl was really good on the Cape Town – Amsterdam, Amsterdam to Washington flights. She slept for about half of the first leg (in 2 hour batches).

From leaving our doorstep to checking in to the hotel in the USA was time period of about 27 hours. Gorgeous Girl held it together until Gorgeous Man left the hotel room to go find some food for dinner, then she was most distressed that Daddy had gone.

We had a day to settle in and then the conference started.

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Apologies for the long blog silence. We’ve been back from our trip for 8 days now. We had a wonderful time in Washington, DC and Amsterdam and I have lots of pictures to share, just as soon as I find time to move them from my camera to the computer.

We arrived home Wednesday last week and Thursday was spent buying groceries and doing laundry and all those things that you do when you come back from vacation.

However, 3.30 am Friday morning Gorgeous Girl started vomiting. Gorgeous Man took her to the doctor when she was still going at lunch time and was told she had an ear infection. He came home with nausea meds and anti-biotics for her.

7 am Saturday morning I started running to the bathroom. Gorgeous Man brought me medicine and I retired to bed. At 3 pm Gorgeous Man asked if I was well enough to watch the child as he was feeling pretty sick. Fortunately my meds had started to work and even though I was still pretty fragile, I was functional.

7 pm Saturday night we were at our local doctor with Gorgeous Man. By 8 pm he was in the local hospital having a lumbar puncture. He had viral meningitis. Gorgeous Man spent 2 nights in hospital and came home mid-morning Monday.

There were times this week when I felt like I was hanging on by my fingernails only. At one stage every towel we owned and most of the bed linen was in the wash…

Gorgeous Girl seems to be on the mend, and Gorgeous Man is certainly feeling much better today than he was yesterday. So this is a good thing.

Maybe in a few more days I’ll have the energy to sort out our holiday pictures and do some holiday posts. There were also two finished objects while we were away – socks for Gorgeous Girl, and a handspun hat for her as well.

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