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I’ve been doing a bit of knitting that I haven’t shown here.

Gorgeous Girl’s new socks

A hat for a colleague of Gorgeous Man. Well really it’s for his new baby. I (ahem) made it a bit bigger so that the baby can wear it after she has outgrown all of her baby shower stuff.

A hat for charity out of the same yarn.

This second picture is more accurate with colour. The yarn is a mystery. My mum found it in an op shop (thrift store) and brought it over with her when she visited last in 2008 (let’s not talk about the length of time the yarn has been in my stash). There is still some left, so I may make some little booties or more hats when I get the chance.

This hat is also for charity, but for an older child or adult.

I splurged recently and bought myself a set of knitpicks interchangeable needles and a few extras in the finer gauges. I love them. The store that stocks them was at least an hour drive from our house, so not somewhere I’m going to be going regularly (especially as I’m too chicken to navigate the drive by myself) so while I was there I also stocked up on some lovely hand-dyed South African sock yarn (nice to see yarn made by people you know in the store) and on yarn for a coat and sweater for Gorgeous Girl. The coat is 2/3s done.

Gorgeous Man is going away on Sunday to take some seminars in KwaZuluNatal, so I will be on my own for a week. Since he was already up there we decided that Gorgeous Girl would fly up and he would meet us at the airport and we could hire a car and do safari for a few days.

We figure Gorgeous Girl is old enough to enjoy sitting in a car looking at the elephants and giraffes and zebras etc.

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World Cup Soccer is in full swing here in South Africa at the moment.  We live in the Cape Winelands (about 40 minutes from Cape Town’s centre) and even here the sellers at the intersections are doing a roaring trade in flags and side mirror cozies. We bought a small Australian flag and gave it to Gorgeous Girl, we wound down the window and she started shouting, “Look, Look, it’s flagging! It’s flagging!”

Gorgeous Girl is quite taken with the soccer. I think it may have to do with the appearance of soccer snacks (in this house small bowls of potato chips, some rice crackers and some nuts) and the fact that the TV is on more than usual. She also takes great delight in identifying the Australian flags she sees hanging around the place. (Our local mall is decked out for soccer fever).

Are you sitting down? I have a finished quilt to share. This has been finished for a while, it’s just taken me until now to get the pictures off the camera and  on to the computer.

Behold, the Fish Quilt:

The pattern is from an old issue of Australian Patchwork and Quilting Magazine, but I changed the border. I didn’t have enough fabric left to do a mitered border that extended the colours in the quilt.

The quilt is a big hit with Gorgeous Girl. It is meant for her big girl bed (she’s still in the crib at the moment), but she insisted on getting out one of the camping mattresses to give it a trial run.

It then became “My very strong coat, Mummy.”

We had quite a bit of excitement last week.

I was working on the computer when one of our lightbulbs went pop. Then five minutes later the television went bang, bang, bang and smoke started pouring out of it. I phoned Gorgeous Man  in a panic and he told me to go and switch all of the power off at the mains. There was a power surge (faulty power pole on our street). He made it home in 2 minutes and carried the smoking TV outside.

All up we lost the TV, the DVD player, speakers for the computer, the modem and the wireless router, and the heater. We were lucky I was home to switch everything off, and that we didn’t lose bigger stuff like the fridge and the washing machine and dryer and the work laptop or home computer. We did have surge protectors, but they failed 😦

We have replaced the heater, because it’s winter and cold here. We have a short term solution with modem and wireless (this is vital since I telecommute for work) but it means that if the laptop is working wireless the desktop can’t access the internet. We aren’t going to bother replacing the TV it was only used for watching Dora the Explorer DVDs and we can run them through the computer.  We have made alternative arrangements to watch the World Cup. 🙂

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A few days after we arrived home a parcel turned up for Gorgeous Girl.

It was from the very talented Kerin who blogs here and here. Kerin is one of the most talented people I know and she creates the most amazing things. Recently she upgraded her sewing machine and overlocker and one of the first things she made was a dress for Gorgeous Girl. She left the hem undone so that I could hem it to the appropriate length.

Gorgeous girl was so taken with it that she insisted on wearing it down to the shops unhemmed. Now that winter is here I need to go and find a few white or pink tops so that Gorgeous Girl can wear it as a pinafore.

Thank you for the lovely new dress Kerin!

I did a bit of knitting while on holiday. Here is a handspun hat.

I hated it in the batt and in the spun yarn, but it knitted up nicely, so goes to show you never can tell.  This went to live with the young lady who was caring for Gorgeous Girl while I work. Unfortunately she left us to return home to her parents in Zimbabwe and we are now looking for a new carer for Gorgeous Girl. Gorgeous Girl has been very good about amusing herself while Mummy is working, but life is much easier when we have help.

I finished this spinning before we left, but didn’t get it washed and set until after we got home.

Navajo plied, sock weight.

This is milk protein from a very talented South African fibre artist.

There has been quite a bit of scrapbooking. Here is a page from our trip to Australia last year.

The title letters came from Kerin, and the black letters at the bottom are stamps I bought while in the USA.

Gorgeous Girl has been insisting on “scapbooking” too.

Here is her very first page.

The only thing I did was cut out the embellishment in the top left-hand corner and add the sticky tabs to the back of the embellishment and photo (and the writing). The stickers on the page were in the package from Kerin and were a lovely gift from Kerin’s Mum. They have kept her amused for hours.

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Our last day in Amsterdam saw clear skies and sunshine, so we rugged up and headed out for Keukenhof Gardens.

Waiting at the bus stop, this little ensemble caught the eye of a Dutch knitter who asked about Gorgeous Girl’s hat.

I was very pleased to be able to say, ‘dyed, spun and knitted by me’ 🙂

We were very lucky that our trip to Amsterdam coincided with Keukenhof’s open season. The gardens were magnificent. Filled with tulips,

and hyacinths.

There were lots of magnificent tulips. These were called Queensland, so of course I had to get a shot of them.

After wandering around the gardens for a few hours, we hired some bikes, and took a bike ride through the bulb fields.

This was simply amazing. I got a bit choked up as we were riding, it was so beautiful and, if you had told me 5 years ago that one day I’d ride through the bulb fields in spring I would have laughed you out of the park.

It was a great way to end our trip.

The next day we were up bright and early for a taxi ride to the airport,

and the very long flight home.

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