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Good News:

The garden and the chickens are producing.

This is purple broccoli and and an egg from our chickens. We are averaging two eggs a day, we have three hens, so someone is obviously slacking…

Some more rabbits have been spotted around the house. This little family was found lurking on Gorgeous Girl’s dresser. I think the wet weather must have brought them inside.

Gorgeous Girl picked the yarn for the “Mummy” rabbit in the middle. This pattern is a great way to use up scraps.

Gorgeous Girl had her first day of school yesterday. The local Waldorf (Steiner) school started a play group this month for 2 – 3 year olds.

Here she is ready to go.

She was excited really. Because I couldn’t find a backpack/school bag in her size without a character on it she ended up taking my Tibetan Messenger bag from Oxfam to school.

When we got there the candles were lit and the playdough was on the table. Gorgeous Girl got stuck right in. Here she is with her teacher.

She did really well, didn’t cry when we left and kept herself dry and asked to go to the toilet, so that was a relief. The teacher said that at about 11 she asked to go home. (It runs from 8.15 to 12.15) The teacher took the class (all of 2 students) for a walk and they found a cricket so she told them a story about a cricket. For our nature/insect/story loving little girl it was the perfect solution.

After we picked Gorgeous Girl up from school we took her to the Big M for a special lunch.

Bad News:

When we got home I raced inside to go to the bathroom and when I came out I noticed that my knitting was tossed all over the floor. I stood staring for a while and pointed it out to Gorgeous Man. He said “the cat probably did it” and then I realised what was bothering me. The knitting bag was gone!

Then I looked up and noticed that my work computer was also gone. And the window had been smashed and the burglar bars bent back.

We were robbed in the one hour that we were out.

We think our neighbours coming home must have disturbed them though (we have a shared driveway). Since they only went through my study/craft room and Gorgeous Girl’s room. They stole her money box I had made for her from a recycled coffee tin.

So we were lucky. They didn’t take anything irreplaceable or personal, jewellery, passports and cameras were left (which is why we think they were disturbed. They didn’t take my knitting or new Knitpicks interchangables that were in the bag, instead they dumped it out before taking it (presumably to carry the computer and Gorgeous Girl’s money box). We did not come home early and surprise them. That could have turned violent.

To prove to my poor distressed Gorgeous Girl that things can be replaced and that the important thing is that we are all together. We spent the afternoon (after the police had gone) making another money box.

Gorgeous Girl picked the paper out of the paper stash. (Now I know why I have a paper stash)… 🙂 and we used some scrapbooking stickers.

Right now I’m waiting for the police fingerprinting unit to come. Though since it’s three o’clock and they only work until 4pm I’ll be surprised if I see them (even though they have called twice today asking for directions). Interestingly, the police on the scene yesterday arrived within an hour and didn’t find our house hard to find.

So we are lucky and counting our blessings. But I’m very cross they marred Gorgeous Girl’s first day at school.

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Chickens and rabbits

We had a chicken coop delivered about a week ago and on Sunday we finally got some chickens.

Here’s a picture of the coop – with Gorgeous Girl for scale.

We have three lovely girls and a rooster that has been named Bob.

For a big bird he has the softest crow I’ve ever heard, it’s kind of embarrassing really, but I’m not going to complain too loudly since the coop is outside our bedroom window.

We’ve also had some rabbits come to live with us. These two were spotted on the lawn.

Up close.

The pink one has gone to live with the daughter of the lady who looks after Gorgeous Girl. However, before she left she did what rabbits do and reproduced, another rabbit has turned up since she left and there is another one gestating on the knitting needles. (I may have a slight addiction to this pattern).

Both are from handspun. The pink I dyed myself. This little guy

was from a mini-batt I received from a South African dyer and has all sorts of lovely goodness in him like silk and cashmere, angora and bamboo. I’ve been saving the yarn for a special project and I think it was perfect for a bunny. Gorgeous Girl keeps rubbing him against her face, so she obviously thinks so too. She tells me his name is Jack.

We’ve had some internet woes, and some teething problems with Gorgeous Girl’s new carer that have prevented me from doing my usual blog reading and email answering, hoping it’s all sorted out and I can catch up with what people are doing over the next few days.

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We didn’t try to fit a lot in while we were away. We were content to just relax around where we were staying.

Gorgeous Girl and I chilled out a fair bit near our cabin, she called it our holiday house which sounds very grand:)  while Gorgeous Man went bird and butterfly watching.

She was most taken with the log next to the cabin.

We managed a half-way decent self-portrait shot.

We also took walks around the grounds.

Gorgeous Girl is fascinated with pockets and sticks.

We eventually managed to convince her to swap that one for a more suitably sized stick…

On our walk we came across this:

It was a very cool experience.

Binding fabric has been washed (is hanging on the line as we speak) and will be cut and added to the quilt sometime over the weekend. Although tonight is “Knitting for me Wednesday” I’m throwing routine to the wind and planning to work on a coat for Gorgeous Girl instead. I’m on the downhill slope, so hopefully a finished object sometime soon.

My beloved camera broke beyond repair (stupid little plastic bits that are designed to stop working after 4 years) and so I am the owner of a new camera. I need to find the time to sit down with the new manual (which is on CD) so I can work out how to take halfway decent pictures.

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