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Recently a certain Gorgeous Man had a big birthday (starts with a 4 and ends with a 0).

We took the opportunity to head away for the weekend. We stayed in accommodation with some interesting recycled decor.

There was no electricity, so at night we used these lamps and solar powered lanterns. I don’t know how people did handwork at night back then.

We saw some wonderful scenery.

And Gorgeous Girl had her first experience with sparklers.

A little while ago I finished a shawl from some of this handspun.

It was my first, but not my last time, adding beads to my knitting.


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In previous semesters Gorgeous Man’s time table has worked out so that he could do the Gorgeous Girl pick-up from school. This meant that I had about 45 minutes between finishing work and them getting home when I could take pictures of finished objects, upload them to the computer, write a blog post and visit my bloggy friends. However, this semester he is scheduled to teach at that time every single day. So I get to finish work, throw on some shoes, run out of the house, pick up Gorgeous Girl and race home, have lunch and play with Gorgeous Girl before going back to work for the afternoon.

This means that I have fallen behind on photographing finished objects, and with my blog visits.

A little while ago Gorgeous Girl’s teacher asked if I would mind making a chicken finger puppet for the classroom.

I made a sweater cardigan for Gorgeous Girl. (Can’t believe I typed sweater first! Guess I’m losing my Aussie flavour).

It is Helena from Knitty. The yarn is from ColourSpun – a very talented South African Indie Dyer.

These little booties will join the hat shown in an earlier post as a gift for a friend who is having a baby soon.

And I’ve been up-cycling. I took this candle box.

and turned it into this:

Finally a gratuitous Gorgeous Girl picture.

According to her, she slipped in the mud puddle…


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I’ve been playing with paper a little bit lately.

This is my latest scrapbook page.

My local scrapbook store is a newsagent that has some craft supplies, so I don’t have access to lots and lots of embellishments – they have some nice stuff, but it’s a limited range. I made the flags by hand using some letter stamps and the ‘rope’ is some spare handspun.

I may have mentioned before that my Step-mother-in-law makes beautiful cards. When we visited them last I dug though her card scraps and stamped off a whole bunch of images which I popped into an envelope and brought back to South Africa with me. I’ve been using these bits and pieces to make cards. Last weekend the card bug really bit.

Images from SMIL’s collection patterned paper is scraps left over from scrapbooking.

The photo on this card is one of Gorgeous Man’s rejects.

It would seem I was on a ‘manly’ themed card kick.

It was lovely to use up all those small bits of scrap booking paper that I had lying around.

This card uses a page from an old book I’m deconstructing.

Finally, this is an image from a 2007 calendar that was given to me by a friend.

And that’s not the oldest paper in the stash. Last week I made bookmarks from my 2006 diary. The illustrated pages were old maps – very cool. No pictures of the bookmarks though as they are all in use.

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I’ve finally managed to get some photos uploaded from the camera.

Here is my Gorgeous Girl loving her baby platypus.

A grown up platypus was made to match.

Apparently this is a daddy platypus…

This little hat recently went off to one of my friends, who really needs to start up her blog again 🙂

Thanks to the magic of f*cebo*k I can tell you that the baby looks adorable in it.

Some spinning. Not my most favourite colours, so I’m not sure what I’m going to do with this just yet…

Finally, a shot of Gorgeous Girl and I. Recently I sung for a small television  production company and took the opportunity to take some pictures while I was all dolled up

and looking most unlike myself.

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