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There has been some knitting going on. These socks were my last South African finish. I grafted the toe the night before we were due to fly out of the country.

Details here. These were a fun knit.

These are my first Papua New Guinea knitting finish.

Details here. I wasn’t too sure about the combination of yarn and pattern, but they grew on me. You can see my lovely wooden floors in my new PNG house in the background. I love wooden floors, but they sure collect the dust!

Current knitting project is Socktopus. I’m struggling a bit with the feet, the short-row heel is fiddly and I’m having problems picking up the wraps, but with two legs done they don’t look too bad.

The socks went on for the photo shoot and were quickly removed as it’s far too hot at the moment to be wearing socks. I will take them to Australia with me and they’ll get a work out then. I’m heading back to Australia (on my own) at the end of this month to attend a conference and sort out some things that can only be done in person.

While we were in Australia at the beginning of the year I bought a Zoku pop maker. Ours only makes 2 at a time. Gorgeous Girl and I have been having great fun making iceblocks after school most days.

These are grape and pine-coconut flavour.

We’ve also been eating some new (to us) foods. This is Abika.

It’s a huge green leaf. The locals cook them up with onion and coconut milk. I chop mine up and use it like bok choi in stir-fry.

This is a winged bean.

I need to get better at choosing these. One was really nice and tender and the rest were so dense and woody that we couldn’t swallow them. I used these in a Thai red curry.

I think I have found an internet solution. I was waiting for another company to get back to me with a written quote because they seem like they would be cheaper, but they don’t seem interested in having our business, so we will be going with the more expensive company that has better customer service.

In other good news, my gas bottle was correctly replaced the same afternoon the incorrect one was delivered. We also received notice yesterday that our container of furniture and household goods has cleared customs and quarantine. So we expect delivery of that this week. One of Gorgeous Man’s colleagues was tasked with facilitating this and I told him that if I got my stuff before I went to Australia at the end of my I’d make him a chocolate cake. I need to go and borrow a cake pan and buy a cake mix 🙂

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