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Gorgeous Man takes fabulous photos. He says he doesn’t do people (though he does occasionally turn the camera on Gorgeous Girl with spectacular results) but he does wild-life. I thought I’d share some of his pictures that he took while on the campus for our seminar and during one day with a bird  guide on our ‘free’ weekend.

This is an unidentified beetle.

A dung beetle.

These burrowing owls were everywhere.

A Campo Flicker

And finally my favourite. A red-legged Seriema.

These birds seem to have real character.

Since my last post we have travelled to Argentina and visited Iguazu Falls. We are now in the Pantanal. Staying on a lovely farm.

More on that when I’ve had a chance to sort out my photos. I suspect I’m going to be creating a large scrapbook from this trip…Mind you, I still need to fully scrapbook our trip to the Netherlands and the USA in 2010… I’m so far behind.

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Our trip to Brazil started by flying out from Brisbane to Sydney, where we were to spend the night and then fly out to Brazil the next day. We arrived on the hottest day on record in Sydney. We only had the afternoon and over night in Sydney, so we holed up in the hotel. Our Gorgeous Girl, who lives in the tropics has decided that she’s never going back to Sydney as it’s just far too hot. 🙂  I made use of my time by preparing some more hexagon blocks.

I sewed a fair few on the flight to Santiago and during our layover time, but for the last two flights I was too tired. I’ve been so busy for the last few weeks that I haven’t touched the quilting at all and have only knitted 2 inches.

We then flew Sydney to Santiago, Chile. Santiago to Rio, Brazil and then Rio to our final destination Campinas. By the time we had made all our connecting flights it was a very long trip. Once we arrived at our destination we sat Gorgeous Girl down while Gorgeous Man collected our bags. Within a minute she was fast asleep on the floor.

Fortunately, there was someone from the university to meet us (even though it was after midnight) and we were driven in comfort to our lodgings.

Gorgeous Man and I have been busy with lectures and homework and lots and lots of required and discretionary reading, as well as a few assignments. There is a children’s programme for the kids who have accompanied their parents and so Gorgeous Girl has been doing fun things like riding on a cart.

One weekend we did manage to get off campus to a local market. Gorgeous Girl tried her first churro.

Not the best photo, but the only one I have that doesn’t have other people’s children in it. She wasn’t real impressed when they filled it with caramel sauce as Gorgeous Girl doesn’t really like sweet things too much. But she ate it all up.

We had fresh pressed sugar cane juice – with a half lime added..

Really delicious.

We also ate pastels.

These were seriously good.

But we didn’t buy any piranahs for supper (the fish on the middle shelf).

Our course is nearly over and we will be heading into the actual holiday part of our trip soon. I don’t know how much internet we will  have from our different destinations.

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