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There’s been a lot going on here at Ruth’s Place.

Last year I blogged about Gorgeous Girl’s new swing…

On Saturday afternoon Gorgeous Girl and I were relaxing quietly in the lounge when we heard a loud cracking noise. I looked up just in time to see branches going past the window.

The tree snapped off at the base. Gorgeous Man thinks it was because of beetles.

This is what freaked me out a little.

I’m feeling very blessed that Gorgeous Girl wasn’t swinging at the time and that there were no neighbourhood kids playing on it either. Also feeling very lucky that the tree fell in the direction it did, if it had fallen in the other direction it would have damaged the house.

Gorgeous Girl’s best friend is leaving in a few weeks. Today we had their last special play date, they’ll still be at school together for a while. One of the fancy hotels here has a play area. We have to pay for it, but it’s one of the few places in Port Moresby where the kids can play and swim, and it’s nice for the parents to hang out and relax. What we didn’t realise when we turned up was that there were special Halloween activities in the play area today. Halloween is not an Australian custom, so we haven’t ever celebrated it in our house. Gorgeous Girl was most impressed with her first Halloween experience.

There were some costumes.

Some art and craft. We came home with a glittery painting of some pumpkins. There was also party food (Gorgeous Girl pretty much ignored the  lollies (candy) in favour of the popcorn and savory salted snacks), and party games where Gorgeous Girl won a book much to her delight.

I didn’t quite get her little friend’s soft toy finished before our playdate this morning. But I did get him finished off this afternoon. He’ll be delivered next week.

Please don’t notice that his arms are sew on at different heights. A closeup.

Gorgeous Girl chose the buttons for the eyes.

I’ve started the front for Gorgeous Girl’s matching cat.

I really like this African Flower pattern.  I can see a blanket of these in my future. Not while I’m living in PNG and doing the stash down thing though. We have no use for blankets here and I don’t have space to store one, and I’d need to buy a ton of yarn to make one and that would defeat the whole stash down process I’ve been on for the last two years.

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On Sunday a group of us from Gorgeous Man’s work took a trip to Sirianamu Dam. We took two four wheel drives, a security guard and a two way radio so that we could speak between cars. After all that preparation the trip was uneventful.

It’s about an hour’s drive from Port Morseby. The drive is impressive, up mountains on narrow roads. When we got there we stopped and saw the dam overflow pipe.

This photo shows the surrounding scenery a little better.

Gorgeous Girl at the top.

Of course the high light for Gorgeous Girl was the chance to go swimming in part of the dam.

The sun was pretty brutal and there was no shade. We rigged up a temporary shelter for me.

It worked pretty well, though I did get terribly sunburnt on the lower 6 inches of my legs. I only have 10 minutes in the sun before I’m severely burnt… After some snacks in the shelter at the top of the hill it was time to return to Port Moresby. We stopped at a local market on the way home and picked up some delicious bananas and a pineapple (haven’t eaten that yet). It was a lovely day out.

The cat is progressing nicely.

Just one arm, two legs and an entire other cat to go. I’m not going to have enough white cotton left to make matching exactly cats, so they will be fraternal twins.

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Yesterday we had a playdate after schoo with Gorgeous Girl’s best friend. He is leaving the country soon (this is the nature of forming friends in the ex-patriot community, people move on) and they are both very sad about this upcoming separation. Anyway, the two of them saw this pattern on my computer and asked if I could make one for both of them. I thought it might help ease the transition a little bit (yes, I’m clutching at straws here) and agreed.

I started last night. This is the cat’s back-side. For the centre I used the African Flower in a Square tutorial found here.

I’m really proud of myself with this one. It’s the most complicated piece of crocheting I’ve done. I learned two new stitches (thanks google) and I’ve also learned how to decrease (though don’t look too closely at them). I still need to work on my joins at the beginning and end of the rounds.

Hopefully I’ll be able to get both cats finished before Gorgeous Girl’s friend leaves and we can get pictures of them together. Finger’s crossed I don’t run out of the body yarn. I’m going to do the same body but vary the colours in the front and back panels.

This evening I need to sew a pillowcase and a drawstring bag that I promised Gorgeous Girl.


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It would seem that I am now 40. Not sure how that happened. I had a lovely day. There was cake.

Baked by Gorgeous Man. Orange cake with an orange syrup glaze. Very delicious and I got to sit down with my feet up while dinner was being cooked 🙂

There were gifts. Some green corridale fibre to spin and this:

A zauberball, and a crazy zauberball.

I’m looking forward to knitting with these and already have patterns in mind for them. The reddy purple one will probably become a brickless. I was very excited to have won a prize in a Knitalong on Ravelry and brickless was my choice of pattern.

I was also very excited to receive some quilting magazines from my Mum when I was in Perth  – with great self restraint I handed them (unread) to Gorgeous Man so they could be given to me on my birthday. I was very glad to see that one of them had a simple pillowcase tutorial in it.  I made Gorgeous Girl some sheet for her bed a while ago and she was asking for matching pillowcases the other day, so now when I find some time I’ll be good to go.

I still haven’t woven in the ends of my handspun lace shawl, but I did make two new hats. One in pink,

(the bowl modelling the hat has a ridge – it’s not really deformed), and one slightly larger in blue.

Both of them together.

I’m rather pleased with how these turned out (I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the world’s best crocheter…). These will be winging their way overseas (we live on an island – everywhere is overseas) to friends who are expecting a summer baby. The pink hat should fit this year and the other next year (or if she has a tiny head like Gorgeous Girl – when she is six…)

I’ll be lucky to fit in any crafting this weekend. There’s a birthday party for a certain Gorgeous Girl happening. Perhaps when that is done I’ll collapse on the couch and knit.

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We’ve had some problems with our internet lately, this last outage lasted for 5 days. Gorgeous Man and I called into the service provider in person (numerous phone calls had no effect) this morning and spoke to a manager. Within 2 hours someone was at the house fixing it up…

So, in the down time, there has been lots going on here at Ruthsplace. We had a gift arrive from good friends in Australia.

Marmite is back on Australian shelves, but it will be a while before it arrives in Papua New Guinea. I’m really the only one in the family who eats it, so I’ve been enjoying it on toast 😀

We’ve been baking. So far we’ve made 36 cupcakes for the kids at school.

Thank you Green’s Packet Cake mixes.  These had ‘fairy dust’. There are 31 children in Gorgeous Girl’s class, plus the teacher and an aide. Greens also provided the cake mix for the at home birthday cake.

Gorgeous Girl has been bugging us to visit this place since we arrived in Papua New Guinea, so we finally did. She had a blast.

She didn’t go down the yellow slide though. That’s a bit out of her league.

There’s been some charity knitting. Two hats.

This uses up some sock yarn and baby yarn scraps.

This is from the never ending ball of yarn.

There’s still at least half a ball of yarn left…

I’ve been adding to the hexagon quilt, but seem to have neglected to take a photo recently and there is a lace shawl that has been blocked and just needs the ends woven in. Hopefully the weather will clear up tomorrow and I’ll be able to get some photos.



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Still not sure how six happened so darn quickly…



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