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More spinning

This is some malabrigo nube fibre that I picked up in Poland in last year.

polish haul

It’s the one on the left. I turned it into this:



Colours were hard to capture. They are brighter and there’s more purple.

Spinning is on hold for a while. Gorgeous Girl has commandeered my favourite wheel and is spinning. She’s doing about 5 minutes a day and is doing really well. This time around she’s starting to draft and we are planning to ply the yarn when she’s done. Her previous skeins have all been chunky singles. She knows how to knit now, but only picks up the needles once in a blue moon, but I’m thinking we’ll see if she can knit a hat or scarf out of this yarn, depending on how much she ends up with.

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Time Travelling

When Gorgeous Man saw this layout he commented that I was time travelling, these photos are from late 1994/early 1995. I’ve been trying to work up some of the older photos that have been sitting in a box for years.

Now that I have internet again, I decided to play along with a scrapping challenge as I always find them very inspiring. This layout was based on My Scraps and More Sketches, sketch #102

This is the sketch.

I chose to do a double layout.


I used some washi tapi to make a frame for the bird stamp. Bird stamp was an image I received from my SMIL who graciously gives me her scraps.


The “Amazing” chipboard comes from Scrapmats. I was lucky enough to win some of their chipboard last year. Due to having it sent to my SIL Australia rather than up here to Papua New Guinea, and then accidentally leaving it behind on one of my visits, I’ve had to wait until now to play with it. It’s lovely, and perfect for the page, I think.


I used some map paper I had as the background. This had the price written on it in Rand, which means I bought it while we were living in South Africa, making it at least 4 years old. Better used late than never though, right? I’ve been hoarding saving it for just the right page.


If you look closely at the price on the ticket. I paid 50 jiao (Chinese cents) to get into the park.


I’ve been trying to find a way to scrap these photos for a while and love the inspiration the sketch gave.

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I tried very hard to get this little fellow finished before I left Australia, but it didn’t happen. She’s a thank you present for the relatives who let me stay with them during my long visa wait.

white hippo 1

I’m glad she had to come home to be finished because it means that she could meet her siblings.

hippo butt trio

Blue is 8ply cotton done with a 4 mm hook, Pink is the same cotton made with a 2.5 mm hook, White is a 4 ply cotton/acrylic blend made with a 1.75 mm hook.

hippo trio2

hippo trio1

hippo trio follow the leader

Would you believe I’ve started making the flowers for a 5th one of these? After that I’m going to just knit for a while.

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Gorgeous Girl is wonderfully photogenic. She certainly doesn’t get that trait from her mother… Early in 2013 we attended a family wedding. It was an outdoor wedding and the bride provided parasols for the guests to use. I took the opportunity to have a little photo shoot with Gorgeous Girl. 2 years on I finally got around to scrapping those photos.

umbrella scrappage

I received the main papers from my SMIL for Christmas, the paper that the photos are mounted on was coloured using food colouring and water in a spray bottle courtesy of Gorgeous Girl. Serendipitously it matched the other papers very well.

We have major issues with our internet at home, so I’m scheduling this post in the hope of maintaining a somewhat regular blogging presence despite the near constant outages. Fingers crossed it works.

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I made some yarn.

green yarn1

I really missed my spinning wheel.

green yarn2

It’s going to marinate in the stash for a few years while until I decide what it’s going to be when it grows up.

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I’m currently plying two braids of this lovely goodness I got for Christmas.

green christmas fibre

I’m pretty wrecked after getting home each day and the spinning is a good way to decompress.

Since I’ve been reunited with the scrapbooking stash there has also been a little bit of scrapbooking.


I used some techniques I learned in my art journalling class. The white flower is a stencil I picked up while in Australia. I used acrylic paint.

cairnspage stencil

I also took advantage of my extended stay in Australia to order some Stampin’ Up stamps from my friend Kerin. I used water soluble wax crayons to colour the image and then sprayed the stamp with water and stamped it off. Not the clearest image, but it works.

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I picked up my new visa on Friday and flew back into Papua New Guinea on Sunday. The reason I needed a new visa was because I have started working and this involved a change of visa status.

I hit the ground running and on Monday taught my first class in a very long time. I’ve done adult education before as a TESOL teacher, but this is the first time I’ve been lecturing in History. I’m enjoying it so far, hopefully the students are also enjoying it lol.

We had very heavy rain on Monday and Tuesday and the road in to town was flooded quite badly. This meant Gorgeous Girl had to miss a day of school as there was no way to get her there. Fortunately the water has subsided and she was able to go to school today.

There has been a little bit of crafting since I got back. I had a play with my sister-in-law’s new gelli plate while I was in Australia and have used some of the paper from that session to upcycle a pringle tin as a pen holder for the desk in my office. I’ve been taking a few minutes at the end of each day to decompress with my spinning wheel. I’ve been itching to spin ever since Gorgeous Man gave me some beautiful fibre for Christmas. It spins as beautifully as I imagined it would.

No photos yet. The heavy rain has knocked our internet access around making it very intermittent. I’m hoping I’ll be able to get a post without photos up without too much difficulty.


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