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I’m making another grey hippo. It’s nearly finished.

grey hippo body

Then it will sit in a cloth bag for a few months until I go to Australia and post it to The Calico Cat. I hope she likes him. I’m kind of charmed by the colour combo.

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Why I love my stash

On Wednesday last week Gorgeous Girl received an invitation to a birthday party today. There’s not much in the way of kid’s toys to buy in Papua New Guinea, the market is filled with cheap plastic toys from China like imitation Barbie dolls and the like. So Gorgeous Girl and I raided the stash. She found some pink fabric that I was sure that I would never use. I’d received it as part of a friend’s destash when I was living in South Africa. Next we went through the 2.5 inch pre-cut squares and chose the ones she thought her little friend would enjoy the most. Using this pattern as inspiration. I sewed a cushion cover.


Have I mentioned that I’m now gainfully employed? Thesis is finished and I’ve been spending my days writing lectures and marking assessment items.

This means less spare time and I’m falling woefully behind on my blog reading and my own blog posting (sigh).


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