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Feeling blessed

I belong to a local group on facebook. It’s a place to share news of impending shortages such as fuel, security alerts/areas to avoid for the next little while as well as a place where people who are leaving sell items they don’t want to take home.

Last week Gorgeous Man alerted me to a post offering free quilting magazines. A few text messages later and we had arranged for the very generous lady to drop them at Gorgeous Girl’s school. I was working when she was in town and wasn’t able to meet up with her in person. There were far more magazines than I was expecting.

magazine haul

Here they all are sorted out. Gorgeous Girl counted them and said there was over 100. There’s enough to keep me in crafty reading for quite some time. There were about a dozen in the pile that I already have. I’ve given some to a friend who has just started doing crafty things in the last few years and a few others have been put aside because they have projects I think people I know might enjoy making.

I got a lot of knitting done this weekend, but haven’t taken any photos yet. I’ve come out in a horrible itchy rash – this happens about once a year here – so I spent a quiet weekend at home on the couch with my knitting and new (to me) magazines to keep me company.

Back to work today thankful for the air conditioning in my office. The antihistamines from last time seem to be preventing it from getting worse. I’m hoping to avoid a trip to the clinic and injections.

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In addition to the Independence Day celebrations at Gorgeous Girl’s school there were also some where Gorgeous Man and I work.

This tree house was built for the occasion. It is the traditional house of the Koiari people.

Koiari tree house back

This is the side view.

koiari tree house side

Front view.

koiari tree house front

Gorgeous Girl and I climbed up to have a look.

in tree house

Gorgeous Girl climbed right to the top.

GGin tree

The students dressed in traditional costumes.

traditional costumes

There were demonstrations of how to prepare traditional food.

preparing food

preparing food2

These girls are preparing coconut milk.

preparing food 3

Students from other Pacific Islands also dressed in traditional costume for the occasion. These girls are from Rarotonga (Cook Islands).


I’m grateful for the opportunity to experience this first hand.

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Small things

There’s been a  few small things coming off the needles lately.

This is a little baby hat. I don’t have a person in mind for this. It will probably go to charity.

cotton hat1

This used up some left over yarn from a cardigan I made for Gorgeous Girl a few years ago. It felt good to get those little balls of yarn out of the stash.


I also knitted up a tiny Christmas stocking. One day we will won’t be travelling at Christmas time and I’ll be able to have a tree.  It’s 1.5 inches high.


This was quick and it also taught me a new technique – short row heel. Pattern details are here.

In the meantime it sits in a ziplock bag waiting for the day it will be used.

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A cowl

I’ve had this cowl finished for a while, but hadn’t gotten around to sewing in the ends and photographing it.


I tried a few patterns but in the end decided to let the yarn speak for itself.

It’s going to live with The Calico Cat. I hope she likes it.

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A visitor

Recently Gorgeous Girl and I heard a strange noise under the house. We went down and found this little guy perched on the wall.


Then he hopped down to explore the orchids.


After exploring our orchid area this little kiwi bird went to live with one of Gorgeous Girl’s little friends who had a birthday recently. You can find pattern details here.

I’m really pleased with how he turned out.

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Recently Papua New Guinea celebrated 40 years of Independence. Gorgeous Girl’s school put on celebration. The kids dressed in traditional costumes from the various regions around Papua New Guinea.

Gorgeous Girl was in the group from Manus Island. They practiced their dances for a few weeks and costumes were supplied.


We supplemented her costume with some shell necklaces.


The local ladies set up shop outside the school gates (shop consists of a cloth on the ground spread with their wares) knowing that the school has these celebrations.


One of the older classes made paper mache mud men masks.


The staff had the authentic masks.

These following ones aren’t the best pictures I took, but they do show a sense of the day without showing the faces of other people’s children.





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A travel journal

I kept a dedicated travel journal on our trip to Fiji. I still need to print the photos that I want to put in there, but all the journalling is done.

Gorgeous Girl also kept a journal as well which was lovely to see. I’m going to make up another one for her at the end of the year and I think I’ll set aside a large journal for myself to track our trips in the future into one place.

The title page was plain with a water colour border.

travel journal cover 1

I free hand drew the border.

travel journal cover 2

Here’s the border on another page.

tj border

tj breakfast

tj breakfast close

Don’t you love the sugar packets? I also did some watercolouring of the pineapple at breakfast. I am well aware that my watercolour skills are nowhere near the league of others like Zoya, but I’m enjoying playing around.


A view from the verandah.


Yeah, I know it looks like a kid did it, but it holds a memory for me and it’s a start in exploring my creativity.


I cut up the magazine that came on the plane to get a map of Fiji.


I did some journalling as well.


I’m really pleased with the title on this page.


We treated Gorgeous Girl to her first massage. She is a convert 😀

I really enjoyed the process of journalling during the holiday itself rather than waiting several years to put the photos in an album. I’d like to do more journalling on a regular basis. Must try and carve out the time.

My crafting mojo took a vacation of its own, but seems to have returned in the last few days (its return coincided with the mid-semester break, so there may be a correlation there lol).

On a side note, I’m not sure why the photos have turned out so small in this post. Something to do with the new camera I’m sure, but my technical advisor (Gorgeous Man) is currently in Sydney for work…

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