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Colorado was just beautiful. I love mountains. We spent quite a few days in Rocky Mountain National Park. It was cheaper for us to buy a year’s pass rather than pay for daily entry. Here are a few of my favourite shots.




I have to admit that while the views were spectacular it was kind of nerve wracking driving on the roads (I didn’t drive, I left that up to Gorgeous Man and he was unphased by it…).


Same road on a different day.


Still driving carefully.

Aren’t the mountains fabulous?


I feel very privileged to have been able to visit such a beautiful place.

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Glass Blowing

Estes Park is a truly lovely little town, though very oriented towards the tourist. We spent a few hours wandering around the town. Gorgeous Girl was very taken with the taffy stores and made a point of looking in the display windows every time we drove through town to see what colour was being made that day.

One of the stores that we really enjoyed visiting was Mountain Blown Glass. During the day you can see glass being blown and turned into beautiful things. I’ve always been fascinated by glass blowing. I know that I am too clumsy to be trusted with molten liquid glass, so taking it up as a hobby is off the table, but I love watching masters at work. This is Dave who made a cranberry coloured Christmas ornament while we watched.

(Pictures taken with permission).


Isn’t it pretty? I admire the skill involved in this so much

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A visit to the snow

In which we take a break from craft blogging and inflict holiday photos on my readers (mainly so family and friends can view at their leisure…).

A few days after my graduation, my Mum returned to Perth and it was time for Gorgeous Man, Gorgeous Girl and I to make the long journey to the United States. I was presenting a paper at a conference and we decided to go over early and have a holiday beforehand. We flew with Hawaiian Airlines and I have to admit that we weren’t really impressed with the travel experience.

We had a ten hour layover in Hawaii, so we left our bags at the airport and explored the city for the day. The layover was nice, but it meant that our travelling time was extended and we were exhausted when we had finished our journey.

Gorgeous Girl was so excited to see snow on the ground that we had to stop in the car park of a service station (parking lot of a gas station) so that she could get out and touch it. We were after a white Christmas and we figured that Estes Park, the entrance to the Rocky Mountain National Park was a good place to find that. We spent our first night in Colorado in a hotel near the airport and visited Walmart and Target to outfit Gorgeous Girl in winter clothes before heading up to our accommodation. I had passed through Colorado very briefly 22 years ago while back-packing around the USA and was excited to spend more time there.

When we got to the cabin it started to snow.

snow 1

Gorgeous Girl was very impressed.

snow 2

We woke up the next morning to a winter wonderland.

snow 3

Gorgeous Girl raced out to make snowballs.

snow 5

snow 4

She didn’t last long outside 😛 But when she saw Gorgeous Man shovelling snow she was so excited she rushed out without her shoes.

snow 6

I loved being able to wear my hand knits and sit by the open fire knitting and just relaxing. I like winter…


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A Milestone

In December, family and friends gathered in Brisbane so that they could help me celebrate this:


My Mum flew over from Perth.


Family pictures were taken.



Don’t I look lovely and formal?

Look again…


Do you see the bare feet?

My shoe broke as I was walking to congregate with the other graduands before the ceremony. As I sat down I took off my shoe and said to the girl next to me:

“My shoe broke! I’m going to have to walk across the aisle in bare feet!”

In a series of fortunate events, she had decided to wear high heels and had a spare of flat shoes in her handbag, in my size. So I borrowed her shoes for the graduation ceremony (with effusive thanks) and was spared the embarrassment of walking across the stage in bare feet. I did have to go out to dinner in full regalia and bare feet though.

I guess it’s things like this that make life interesting….

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