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I have been a little obsessed with this project. It’s currently my only yarn related work in progress. I keep mumbling to myself “The designer is a genius I tell you. A genius!”

So, without further ado, presenting hippo’s butt. Information on the pattern can be found here.


I’m loving how this is coming together. I’m also a huge fan of the join as you go technique for joining the hexagons together. I’ve always been put off granny square crochet rugs by the thought of sewing all the little squares together. This technique means that there may be some of them in my future.


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The Spinner’s Study group on Ravelry (sorry posting with wriggly baby on my lap, no links) were focusing on Alpaca in February. I had some alpaca in the stash and after receiving lots of great advice from the group I jumped right in.

It’s just over 300 yards from 3.25 ounces (92 grams and 276 metres for metric folk).

This is going to make a simple lacey scarf for my mum. Since she’s not a knitter she won’t block anything after she’s washed it, so nothing too fancy.  I’m very pleased with how this turned out. Hopefully it won’t fall apart when I knit it!

Gorgeous Man has a number of friends (three to be precise) who are expecting babies and he asked if I would knit something for them. I finally found some good gender neutral yarn that wasn’t completely boring in my LYS. This weekend saw me knitting like a mad woman. This yarn is addictive.

I started making the first hat and then realised that it was going to be way too big for a baby. What to do? finish it off and give it to a Gorgeous Girl of course.

Here she is waiting patiently to put her cooler sun hat on. She loves hats and often wears them around the house.

Here is the hat I ended up with for the first of Gorgeous Man’s friends.

And another picture because I love the top and the decreases

I’ve finished another one that is identical to this and there is a fourth one on the needles. All up I think I’ll do five, because Gorgeous Girl needs to have one with a loop as well.

There’s just something about the striping of this yarn that I am totally fascinated by…

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Giveaway 2

Time for another giveaway.

I am unlikely to ever make the same quilt twice (not when I have a gazillion quilts on my To Do list). So I’ve decided to give away the pattern for the Snake in the Grass quilt that I recently finished for Gorgeous Girl.

Any novelty fabric would do for the centre squares.

To enter leave me a comment by Sunday, March 8. I’ll get Gorgeous Girl to pull a name.

All I ask is that when you make this quilt you link to me so that I can take a look. (If you’d like to then pass the pattern on in a giveaway that would be cool too.)

PLEASE NOTE: The giveaway is for the PATTERN ONLY

Don’t go thinking you are going to win the quilt 🙂 Just the pattern

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Give Away 1

Please head over and visit Kerin’s blog here.

She is giving away a set of three artist trading cards. She is also extending the giveaway deadline (because I am a terrible friend and didn’t post about it here in time).

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Well, my big news is that I have a new job. I’m working as a Customer Support Agent for an internet start-up. I get to telecommute (fancy-schmancy way of saying work from home) with regular trips into the office (which is Gorgeous Girl friendly). If you are interested in creating your own web-page ours is free and really easy to use. Leave me a comment and I’ll give you the links. I have blogging to thank, seriously I’d never have been confident enough with my computer skills 2 years ago.

Which brings me to even happier news. To celebrate my new job, and because I’m getting very close to 30 000 hits (who would have thought so many of you would read this little blog!) I’m going to have a giveaway.

To enter simply leave a comment on this post. This is a fabulous chance to de-lurk (just saying) I’d like to know where you come from and how you found my blog (if you can remember). I’d also like to know if you are a knitter, quilter or both.

I’ll get Gorgeous Girl to draw a winner next Thursday, I’ll have to be quick to get the winning number out of her hand before she puts it in her mouth 🙂 but I’m sure we can manage.

Up for grabs will be a prize tailored to the winner.

If you are a quilter I will send you a selection of South African indigo (shwe-shwe) and some other fabric and a little something made by my (hopefully I can finish it, what with my new job and all).

If you are a knitter there will be some yarn and a little something made by me.

I promise not to send any of you biltong 🙂 I still haven’t tried it and I’ve been here two years.

If you are both a knitter and a quilter you will receive a mix of goodies.

I will not be shopping or posting until the end of the month, given that I need to finish the little something, the car needed repairs today and I need to wait for pay day from my new job…

So, comment away…

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