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This project took far too long to finish. It got waylaid by the crochet blanket.

It’s a finger puppet.



I’m pleased with how it turned out and it had the added bonus of using up the tiny left over balls of yarn in both the orange and the blue. Free pattern from ChemKnits.

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A few years ago Gorgeous Girl was a flower girl in a family wedding. A good friend of mine took the pictures from my facebook feed and made a present for me.


Kerin sent me the tiles and then, on my last trip to Australia my sister-in-law, who makes wonderful things helped me attach the silver thingies (she did tell me the proper name for them but I forget) and I visited a local beading store to find a way to wear them.

I’ve worn both of them a few times since I put them all together. Thankful for friends who send surprises and for collaborative projects.

Photos don’t do them justice, but it’s very grey and cloudy outside, so indoor pics it is.

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We travelled to visit Gorgeous Man’s father’s place to celebrate a milestone birthday. Gorgeous Man’s siblings came and most of the grandchildren were also able to make the trip. It was a wonderful weekend of memory making.

Gorgeous Man’s step-mother had recently acquired a loom. It was passed on to her from a friend. After watching a few online videos, I warped it up with the help of my 15 year old niece and we started weaving.

weaving in progress

I used some Vinni’s Colours cotton as both the warp and weft (see how I’ve got the lingo down) 😀

The two of us were so excited at how it was turning out that we were jumping up and down.

After a few hours we had this.

finished weaving1

It is unwashed at this point.

finished weaving2

Our edges got better as we went along.

finished weaving 3

This is closer to the actual colour (yes there are a few skipped threads in there, but it’s not bad for a first attempt). Then, although it was a wrench. I gave my/our first weaving to the niece (need to get them addicted to the yarn arts early).

Before I left I gave my step-mother-in-law a quick lesson on warping the loom and weaving. I did tell her that it was a case of the extremely short sighted leading the blind and that the next time I visit I am expecting lessons from her.

A loom is going on my wish list! There has been stash acquisitions. But they deserve their own post.


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For the last month I’ve worked on nothing else except this project.

It got delivered today so I can show it in it’s glory.


The pattern is Ribbon Afghan. Details about this blanket on Ravelry. I’m really pleased with how this one turned out.


Now I need to finish the butterfly finger puppet for Gorgeous Girl that I put aside to work on this and start the next crochet blanket for a family member who is expecting a baby in a few months time.

Right now we are in Australia for our mid-year leave and I have a four hour car drive this morning. Since Gorgeous Man will be driving I am hoping to get lots of crocheting done.

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I found some giant snails wandering in our garden.


I was able to sneak up and get some close-ups.



Knitted with yarn I spun using roving from Nurturing Fibres.

Pattern available here on Ravelry and here for non-Ravelry users.

They now live on my bookshelf.

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When I was in grade three or four, our class was divided along gender lines and we were taught a craft one afternoon a week. The boys got to bang blocks of wood together (and I desperately wanted to do that) and the girls got to do things like embroider (I remember the teacher laughing at me when I asked her to re-thread my string I should have said thread apparently…). After embroidery for a few weeks we were taught to crochet. My classmates churned out dozens of colourful bookworms and I managed to produce a tangled mess. I never did get a bookworm of my own.

When I saw this bookworm pattern on Ravelry I decided it was high time that my eight year old self (and my eight year old daughter) got a crocheted bookworm.


Mine are in decidedly nicer yarn than was used back then. The green is a cotton yarn from an indie-dyer in South Africa and purple is handspun I dyed myself.

bookworm in natural habitat

In its natural habitat.

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I knitted a scarf.

summit scarf.jpg

Summit scarf – pattern found here.


summit scarf2

It has been blocked, but it’s been so humid that it’s gone a bit curly again.



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