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I knitted a scarf.

summit scarf.jpg

Summit scarf – pattern found here.


summit scarf2

It has been blocked, but it’s been so humid that it’s gone a bit curly again.



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I found some snails hanging out on the kitchen table.

snails one

I love how they have turned out.


One for Gorgeous Girl and one for her friend.


Purple is handspun. Pattern can be found here.

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A gift

Gorgeous Girl was invited to a birthday party a while ago. We raided the fabric stash to make the gift. Fabric was bought in South Africa, so it’s at least five years old.


Eric Carle fabric.


Gifts weren’t opened at the party, so we have no idea if it was well received or not, but Gorgeous Girl and I liked it. It was actually hard to give this one away…

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I had some down time in the evenings when I was researching in Maryland, so I was able to get the handspun socks finished. This time they actually fit.

red handspun socks

Of course, not that I’m back in the land of eternal summer they are sitting unloved and unused in a drawer…red handspun socks2

This is a free toe-up sock pattern, details here.

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I made a little hat for one of Gorgeous Girl’s dollies. It used up the last of the yellow sock yarn, so a nice little stash buster.

slipstitch baby hat 1

There was just enough coloured yarn left to do a contrast row at the top of the hat.

slipstitch baby hat2

I used a smaller yarn than the pattern called for to make it smaller. Pattern can be found here. I’ll be making this again as it is a great way to use up small leftover bits of yarn.

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I’ve been trying to expand my drawing skills. Recently I completed a doodle that I’m really quite pleased with. I wouldn’t go as far as to call it a Zentangle, but it does use elements of zentangle patterns. The whole piece.


A close-up.


I’m quietly pleased with how this has turned out. I’m still deciding if I should add some colour or leave it black and white. Thoughts?

I’m heading to the Australia tomorrow and then to the USA on Sunday. I’m lucky to have been given some funding to go do some research in some archives as well as present a paper at a conference. I have some long plane rides ahead of me, so hopefully I’ll get some knitting or sewing done.


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I crocheted a hat last year and then it sat around for a long time waiting for me to add buttons to the eyes. I did this in time for Gorgeous Girl to take with her on our big trip. She did wear it a few times while we were away, but for some reason I don’t have any photos of her in it.


This is Racoon Hat from Repeat Crafter Me. Lovely easy pattern, worked up very quickly. Specs found here. I think it’s turned out really cute.

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