So, I didn’t mean to disappear for an age. I got overwhelmed by the end of the school year and all the marking that went along with that. Since my last post there have been quite a few finishes on the craft front as well as a trip or two.

We spent Christmas in Thailand this year which was wonderful and I’ll do some posts about that as soon as I’m reunited with the computer that likes to talk to my camera…

Right now I’m in the USA. I was privileged to be given research funding to visit some archives and so am half-way through my visit.

I did get the baby blanket finished and gifted. I’m happy with how it turned out and the baby’s mother seemed to like it very much.


More makes to follow over the next few days and travel photos when I return to Papua New Guinea in a week or so.

I wonder if anyone is still reading after all this time.


I have finally spun up the last of they fibre I dyed myself when I first started spinning in 2008. I split the braid in half and then split one half in half again to get a blend of mixed and plain colours.

Here it is before its bath.

stuff I dyed 1

It bloomed nicely.

my dye1

All caked and ready to knit. my dye

It’s going to marinate in the stash for a while though. Hopefully not as long (8 years) as the fibre did…

A present

Gorgeous Girl has been invited to a birthday party. We decided to make a handmade gift. I made a little pink cat. Gorgeous Girl chose the yarn because her friend likes pink.

crochet cat

It’s ears are even, my photo is wonky.

I hope Gorgeous Girl’s friend likes it.


Another blanket

I’m working on another blanket. Pattern is on Ravelry here.

randdbs baby

If you’re not a member of Ravelry, you can find it here.

I’ve adapted the pattern to join-as-you-go because I’m not a fan of sewing lots of squares together.

I’m really loving how this is coming together. Hopefully the recipient will like it just as much as I do. I’m a bit worried that I might need to buy more yarn for it as I changed my original plan…

I’m a self-taught crocheter and I’d really love to be able to take a class or three as I’m sure that there are things I’m doing wrong, or that there are things that I do which I could do better. Perhaps when we move to our next place there will be a local yarn store with classes. (One can dream right?)



I’ve spun up the first of the fibre purchases from Nunoco. This was a dream to spin. Practically spun itself.

agate postwash1

This is agate, a blend of silk and 21 micron merino wool.

Spun worsted and finished up a light fingering weight at roughly 20 wraps per inch (some bits are thinner than others). I’m very, very happy with this.

agate closeup1

Can’t wait to spin more of the fibre from this store.

agate closeup3

Right now Gorgeous Girl has commandeered my spinning wheel for her own spinning, she’s doing really well, it’s looking much more even than her other efforts and she seems to be getting the hang of drafting (proud parenting moment).


It seems that our latest trip to Australia was a great one for stash enhancement. I discovered a new store on etsy recently: Nunoco  and when I saw that they had a blend of fibres I hadn’t spun before (merino, silk and flax) I placed an order.

Shipping was really quick, it was waiting for me at my long suffering sister-in-law’s place when we arrived in Australia. The fibre was beautifully packaged (but I didn’t get photos of that…).

This has now been spun up and is waiting to come off the wheel for a bath and reskeining. It’s turned into a lovely dark green with shots of yellow and teal peeking through.

I also bought 300 grams of this blend I haven’t spun before.

This is a merino, linen (flax) and silk blend. I’m hoping to spin enough to make a light weight cardigan.


This project took far too long to finish. It got waylaid by the crochet blanket.

It’s a finger puppet.



I’m pleased with how it turned out and it had the added bonus of using up the tiny left over balls of yarn in both the orange and the blue. Free pattern from ChemKnits.