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I made a few cards recently. I’m pleased with how they turned out.


I drew the flowers onto some patterned paper and cut them out, then added stems and the sentiment using an alphabet stamp kit.

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Making little things

It’s that time of semester when life is pretty hectic and I only have a few minutes here and there for crafting.

In my spare time I crocheted a fan bookmark using embroidery thread.

crochet fan1

I also made two birthday cards. One of them is for Gorgeous Girl who turns 8 today. Seems like just yesterday that Gorgeous Man logged on to the blog to announce her birth!

flower cards 2

The flowers are drawn onto paper that Gorgeous Girl and I dyed with shaving cream and food colouring a few months ago. I then cut them out and glued on to the card. Stems and leaves are free hand with a sharpie and watercolour pencils.

We opened presents this morning and feasted on pancakes and ice cream. Right now she’s out somewhere in the neighbourhood playing with friends. We are having a small playdate with two friends from school and an afternoon tea next weekend to celebrate.

This afternoon I need to make cupcakes for her to take to school tomorrow.

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Making cards

We are gearing up to the birthday months here at Ruth’s Place. September and October have lots and lots of birthdays in our immediate (Gorgeous Man, Gorgeous Girl and myself are all in these months) and extended family. So I’ve been making cards.

This was an experiment that I liked and I think will try again. I think it would also work well in an art journal.

tree picture

Good way to use up scraps. The pink is left over from some gelli printing I did with my very fabulous sister-in-law. 

Next I tried my hand at something different. Watercolour and ink.

watercolour cards1


I’m happy with how they turned out.

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Playing with paper

There is a birthday coming up in my circle of friends and family and so I broke out the paper crafting supplies to make this little card. I’m really pleased with the simplicity and clean lines.


This used up scraps, so doesn’t really help my stash reduction, though it does help with the scrap reduction I guess.


I was planning on doing more scrapbooking today, it’s a public holiday, but it’s just too hot and when it’s this hot I leave sweaty marks on the pages which kind of ruins the effect.

I’ve been sick and so has Gorgeous Girl. I had a few days off work and aside from a lingering sore throat feel like I’m back to my old self. I always know when I’m really sick, no knitting happens when I sit down. Picking the knitting back up is a sure sign I’m on the mend. I’m currently making a lace shawl in handspun which is turning out really beautifully, only about 10 more rows to go. Really hoping that I don’t run out of yarn as it is one of a kind yarn (though since it was a club yarn I do have some commercial yarn that was dyed in the same colours as the roving that I could substitute if push came to shove). Hopefully I’ll have finished object pictures to show soon.

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Returning to my crafting roots

When it comes to playing with paper and scissors I started out as a card maker. The move into scrapbooking wasn’t a huge leap because I had many of the supplies to start with. I recently made a batch of cards in preparation for Christmas.

These snowflake cards were heavily inspired by a very old blog post (2011) by Alisa Burke that I found on pinterest recently.


I love my white ink pen.


The light blue background paper for this one is the inside of a security envelope. Not much gets wasted at Ruth’s Place.


Two different colours of blue. I raided the blue scrap bin to find small pieces I could use.


Not sure this works all that well. Snowflakes on a water colour background.

I freehand drew a Christmas tree and then found some Christmas paper in the red scrap bin.


A very long time ago I had a wonderful diary which had great pictures of old maps. When the year (2006) was over I tore out all the pictures and have been using them up slowly.


I made a whole series of these, but won’t inflict all of them on you. It was good to use up some scraps and stash. Unfortunately you can’t see much of a dent. I guess that’s what I get for saving all the little pieces.

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So, I have to confess that this scrapbook page is misleading.

Gorgeous Girl does not like visiting Santa/Father Christmas. She has to be cajoled into it by me, because I really like having a photo each year to see how much she has grown. There are a few years missing because she refused to participate at all. Last year she agreed to see Santa, but refused to get closer than this. 🙂



I dyed the chipboard using DIY mist (food colouring and water) and my new watercolour wax crayons.

I made a card as well.


I’ve been wanting a large woven basket for a while. Gorgeous Man found one at the market today.


It’s certainly large.

basket 2

It’s now housing Gorgeous Girl’s collection of soft toys.

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I’m trying to make as many Christmas gifts as I can this year, but I’m also recognising that it won’t be the end of the world if my plans don’t come to fruition, given everything else I have going on…but the first gift is done.

finishedcrochet cat1

I hope the recipient likes him.finishedcrochet cat2

I just realised that I forgot to stuff his muzzle.

finishedcrochet cat3

But that’s OK. I like him like that. Yarn was dyed using Kool Aid by Gorgeous Girl and myself.

Gorgeous Girl has requested one for herself. I’ve told her she needs to wait until after Christmas. Perhaps it can be a holiday project when we are in Australia.

Made a very quick and simple birthday card this week. Thanks to Kate for the backing paper.


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On a roll

I needed yet another birthday card and sketch Number 90 at Let’s Capture Our Memories caught my eye. I am really pleased with how this one turned out.


I hope the recipient will like it.

I used a text page from a deconstructed book sent to me by Kate a while ago. I inked the edges of the card and the entire tag using distress ink and I edged the card and the tag with a darker brown chalk pad. Balloon, border and letters are from a sticker pack whose name is sadly lost to time.

Thanks for looking.

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I needed a pick-me-up card for a friend this week and so put this one together. I’m happy with how it turned out.

remembrance card2

I’m mainly putting this here so that the friends and relatives who have contributed to the card by sending me bits and pieces from their die cutting machines can see how I’m using them.

remembrance card1

I think next time I’ll add some detailing to the leaves.

Lots of quick easily finished projects at the moment. The thesis is definitely on a downhill slope so I’m looking forward to having a little bit more crafting time come December.

What have you been up to?

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A quick card

Just a quick card using die cuts and water colour pencils for another of the many birthdays occurring in our  extended family at this time of year.

quick birthday card

I’m happy with it.

Hippo has half a head, if all goes to plan he should be completed by tomorrow…

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