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A month ago Gorgeous Man and Gorgeous Girl went back to PNG without me. I’m very grateful to generous family members who have let me stay with them and for friends who have been keeping me busy and out of trouble,  but I’ve been missing them a great deal. Gorgeous Girl also racked up quite a few firsts while we’ve been apart. First day at a new school, first missing teeth, first music lesson (drums) first individual swimming lesson, and so on and so forth.

Anyway, a friend asked me to go out with her and some of her friends. When we got to the place we were supposed to be eating (Eat Street Markets – well worth a visit) she suddenly stopped and started fussing with her bag and phone and then pointed behind me and said “Who’s that?” I turned and got the shock of my life when a certain Gorgeous Girl came running through the crowd.


Gorgeous Man and Gorgeous Girl had flown down for a few days.  I was a touch overwhelmed and tears were shed. Gorgeous Man wins Valentine’s day this year.

They flew home today and I’m still in Australia waiting for visas to be sorted out. But I’ll be home in another few weeks and all will be right with my world.

In other news, there has been knitting.


This is a child-sized hat. It’s going to a friend of mine in the north-east USA. She is a registered foster parent and is part of a network of foster parents in her area. The idea is to give her a stack of hand-knit hats, scarves, mittens and baby blankets to keep on hand for foster children that come into care. The knitted items will be one less thing that foster parents need to provide and in addition to keeping the children warm it is something they can take with them when the leave that foster family. A few of my Ravelry friend have joined me in this project and we are going to see how many we can make. Sadly there is a large demand in the county my friend lives in.

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This album was completed during the small minutes. You know those minutes you have here and there? I left it out on my table and while I was waiting for a pot to boil or for Gorgeous Girl to get out of the shower I’d trim a few photos, ink some edges, that sort of thing. It’s very plain, there’s not a lot of embellishment, but I like it.

It’s a book celebrating her time as a bridesmaid last year for Gorgeous Man’s cousin’s wedding.




I think this is my favourite photo of Gorgeous Girl from the wedding, the photographer used a mirror to frame each of the bridal party.



and these last two photos are just amazing.



The last photo is of the wedding venue. I figured that the photos were so stunning that lots of embellishments would detract from them. (Also I didn’t have a lot of classy wedding embellishments in the stash and my nearest scrapbooking store is a plane ride away).

I tried something new with Gorgeous Girl today. After picking her up from school and driving home we both sat down and did some drawing and painting to ease into the afternoon routine. I’ll get photos of both our masterpieces tomorrow.

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You may have noticed that there’s been a dearth of scrapbooking around here recently. I’ve been stalled by a very lovely photo that Gorgeous Man took of Gorgeous Girl. Every time I got it out to scrap I stared at it and at my supplies and felt I just couldn’t do it justice and so instead of using another photo I kept packing everything up again… Not very smart.

Anyway, today I received a very lovely care package from a very good friend in Australia. In it were some chapter books for Gorgeous Girl (she even squealed and did a little dance over one of them she was so excited), some magazines for me and some scrapbooking paper and die cut embellishments.

As soon as I saw a cluster of paper I knew that it would be perfect for the photo which had been stealing my mojo.


Please excuse the camera shadow, it’s too dark outside for photos. It’s just a really clean simple layout, but I think it works for the photo. I still need to add the date and the location to the bottom corner of the page.

I’ve been making a more conscious effort to comment on the blogs that I read lately. I kind of miss the old days of blogging way back before facebook when we commented more frequently rather than just reading and liking and passing on by. If you’re a regular reader I’d love to hear from you. Of course the lack of comments could also mean that no one is reading and I’m blogging to myself 😀 and that’s OK too.

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On Sunday Gorgeous Girl wanted to do all the crafts. We started off by putting some dye in the dye pots. She then went and played outside while they simmered away.

We were pretty pleased with the result. All dyeing was done with food colouring.

dyed yarn group

The pink was done by pouring cochineal on one side of the pot and rose pink on the other. The red and yellow yarn was dyed in the cake. We squirted yellow into the centre of the cake and then filled the pot with water and red food colouring. The green was an attempt to do the same thing with yellow and blue, but some of the yellow spilled and we got this lovely green instead. The tiny bit of green and white was thrown in with the green as a ball of yarn to absorb some of the excess dye in the pot.

After that I got ready to cut more fabric so I could keep working on my quilt, but Gorgeous Girl asked if she could sew instead. We decided to call this top finished.

quilt top 2

Pieced and designed by Gorgeous Girl. My job is to piece together a batting and baste it together with a backing so that she can quilt it. I’m not sure how she’ll go. I’m going to put the walking foot on the machine and let her do the straight line quilting that is very trendy at the moment. I figure if I don’t tell her it’s supposed to be hard she won’t be intimidated. After I took this picture Gorgeous Girl borrowed my camera and did this:

quilt top

Craft blogger in the making? It was then time to start a new quilt top. Gorgeous Girl diligently ironed the fabric so that I could cut it for her (I’m not about to let a 6 year old loose with my rotary cutter).


She then gave me very strict instructions about what length and width to cut. It will be interesting to see where her design goes. Hopefully it won’t be another three months before the urge to sew grabs her.

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I made an article of clothing from a pattern and it fits!

As soon as Gorgeous Girl saw it she put it on and then grabbed dolly with the matching dress (same pattern, not the same fabric).


She likes it.


I managed to do french seams on the sides.


I’m quite impressed with myself about that.

Gorgeous Girl found some lace in the stash when we were selecting fabric and insisted that it be added. Thanks to my friend Google I worked out how to add lace to a hem without too much trauma.

lace hem

While the machine was out I made a pillowcase for a friend of Gorgeous Girl’s who is having a birthday soon.


Gorgeous Girl insisted on giving it a test run.


Funny kid. It’s now all wrapped up and ready to be gifted. I hope the recipient likes it. I’m always worried about giving handmade gifts to other people’s children because I know not all families value handmade as much as ours (and our extended family) does.

Gorgeous Man and Gorgeous Girl went out to one of the National Parks recently. Here is Gorgeous Girl relaxing after a 2 kilometre walk and a leech bite.

Araminta in Varirata

Gorgeous Man really does take the most beautiful photos of Gorgeous Girl. This really captures her. She wasn’t too fazed by the leech bite. She told me that she “wasn’t happy” because she got bitten by a leech, but it was OK because Daddy had picked it off.


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So tiredness has sucked all my crafting mojo this week. Yesterday we went into town to do the grocery shopping. As Gorgeous Man pointed out roadworks plus 2 days of solid rain are a bad, bad combination.

The 20 minute trip took over 2 hours to get to the store.


The bumps in the road slowed things down tremendously, as did the giant potholes (this photo was taken on the way home). We did have something interesting to look at for a lot of the trip.

pigs in ute

Two big piggies going to market.

Anyway, on to the scrapbooking…I decided that I should try to stick to doing at least one page a week and so made up this very, very simple page. This was taken at a playground in Cairns, Australia last year when we were there on annual leave. I turned Gorgeous Girl loose to run around and suddenly I heard a voice from way up high “Look at me, Mum.” She was the smallest kid at the top of the structure (and yes, it is a high as it looks).

fearless page

I hand wrote the title and the journalling.


I added a white dauber ink around the edges of the page. It was a bit stark, so I overlaid it with champagne coloured ink to tone it down a bit.


Since there is handwriting and ink on the page I’m entering this in this weeks Frosted Designs Handwriting and Inks Challenge.


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One of our neighbours is turning one next week. (I promise this next bit is related) Yesterday Gorgeous Man and Gorgeous Girl and her new carpooling friend set off for school. Traffic was so bad that they moved 100 metres in an hour. At 8.45 am (an hour and a half after they had set off) Gorgeous Man made the executive decision to turn the car around and bring them home for the day.

In the morning Gorgeous Girl and her friend did some maths and English worksheets and books I had in the house. They also did some painting and played outside. After her friend went home at lunch time. We decided to use the rest of our school free day sewing. (I also have to stop studying if Gorgeous Girl is home for the day, so it was ‘school free’ for both of us).  Gorgeous Girl asked if she could make a birthday present for the neighbour.

She raided her stash and drew a design on a piece of paper. (She traced one of our wooden figurines from South Africa). I helped by pinning the two bits of fabric together, cutting out, and sewing around the curves.

Presenting “Hornbill”

Side B

I also stuffed and sewed the eyes. I think it’s a great design. She’s very clear on her design vision, shape and fabric wise, just needs a little bit of help in the execution of it.

Hopefully her little friend will like his Gorgeous Girl Original.

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Back in PNG

The day after we arrived back in Papua New Guinea, Gorgeous Girl started school. Don’t worry, it’s only a three hour flight and we are in the same time zone, so it’s not like we were sending and exhausted, jet-lagged child to school.

Getting a first day of school picture has always been problematic. This year she was told to humour Mummy.

Grade One. The only one I could get was inside with dodgy lighting…sigh

The traffic situation has not improved in our absence and road work continues to bump the 17 km trip in to school out to about an hour (most days, some days it’s 1.5). The return trip is 30 minutes. It looks like it will be this way for at least the next six months. A blessing is that there is a new family whose daughter is the same age as Gorgeous Girl and is at the same school. Carpooling makes the trip more interesting for the girls and cuts down on the driving for everyone. So that is good.

After Gorgeous Girl’s first day at school we set up her most anticipated Christmas present. A sturdy wading pool.

I think we can say it’s a success.

We do have to change the water often to make sure that mosquitoes don’t lay their eggs in it. We do not want a breeding colony under the house, especially as mosquitoes here carry malaria.

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(Oh look – working internet two days in a row! It’s amazing…)

One of the nice things about being in Papua New Guinea (after six years in South Africa) is that we are closer to Australia, this means that we no longer those major life events in our family.

Warning Gorgeous Girl photo overload ahead.

We were thrilled to be in Australia to help this lovely couple celebrate their wedding day.

Gorgeous Man was the MC for this wedding which was fun.

It was a very hot day and an outdoor wedding. The bride had provided parasols for all the female guests. As luck would have it, Gorgeous Girl’s dress matched the parasols perfectly. We had a little bit of time before the ceremony, so I took as many photos as I could before a certain little miss lost interest.

I may be a touch biased, but I think she photographs beautifully. I am planning to scrapbook these photos eventually. Hopefully my pages will be able to do them justice.

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A wedding

We’ve been back from our quick trip to Australia for a while, but we have had very intermittent internet connection at home which has made blogging difficult.

I passed my mid-thesis review. Next goal is to have both chapters of the thesis written for submission in May and then I’ll work on the final draft of them and  the introduction and conclusion for final submission in November next year…Lots of work ahead.

Gorgeous Girl was a flower girl in a wedding. She was truly gorgeous.

Here she is making her grand entrance. As the youngest of the three flower girls she came in first.

This bouquet belonged to one of the bridesmaids – it was just beautiful. Roses and leaves from Australian trees.

Bit of a weird look on her face, but it shows her hair well. The back was curled and pinned with a gazillion bobby pins. I was impressed at what they were able to do with the hair given that Gorgeous Girl had shorn part of her head at the beginning of the year…

This was the wedding car.

She was  a bit disappointed she didn’t get to ride in it.

I have a terrible rash on my arms and hands which has put a stop to all knitting and crocheting until it heals up. I have done a bit of paper crafting and Gorgeous Girl and I are planning to work on our Christmas cards today. While in Australia I picked up my prize from Molossi that I won earlier in the year. My long-suffering SIL has been holding it for me, I need to think about how best to use it.


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