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Just a quick post to show a little dress I finished yesterday for Gorgeous Girl. This has actually been done for a while, but I couldn’t find buttons that I liked.

These are the third ones I bought for the dress, and were the best I could do with the selection available to me…still not convinced that they work.

I cheated, and didn’t make button holes. I just sewed the two layers together when I sewed the button on (shhh).

Here’s a tip I found out recently for sewing on buttons: If you thread your needle so that there are 4 strands going through it (thread the cotton from both ends) then you don’t have to sew as much 🙂

And that’s the back.

I have a knitted garment blocking as we speak. Hopefully I’ll get some time soon to sew it up. Last Sunday was my first full weekend off in three months. It was heaven. I got the knitted garment finished, and updated Gorgeous Girl’s baby book, and even did some scrapbook pages. Pictures of the scrapping pages in a later post.

Yesterday I photographed my stash in preparation for loading on to Ravelry. I’m hoping that having it stored online will help me keep track of what I’ve got.

Musicwise this time of the year is always insane. This week I’ve spent my free time rehearsing for tonight’s performance for the alumni supper – it went well, except for the crappy sound system. I love singing with the girl I sang with and the song was well received.

Then tomorrow the two choirs I’m in are singing for a musical program as part of the graduation festivities, so we’ve been rehearsing for that.

Sunday I have to work – hey!? Do you think I can trade sleep for crafting time? (I’m currently trading it for blogging time).

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, despite my sporadic posts.

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