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Ice skating

Are you tired of reading about our trip yet?

In keeping with our winter sports theme, Gorgeous Man also took Gorgeous Girl ice-skating. They purchased a day pass at the YMCA in Estes Park and this gave them access to the frozen pond and skate hire.

Gorgeous Girl took to ice-skating very well and enjoyed thoroughly. If we lived in a different place I suspect we’d have a winter athlete on our hands.

A ice skating

We all went back a second time. I tried ice-skating. I used to love it when I was a kid, but it just caused too much pain this time (not surprising given all the trouble I’ve had with my feet over the last few years). On our second trip to the YMCA Gorgeous Girl also took advantage of a friendship bracelet making class that was on offer. I sat  in and learned how to make a new design from the ones I’d made in high school, so that was cool.

As a result of this class we made a trip into Fort Collins to visit JoAnn’s and pick up some embroidery cotton, among other things.

An added bonus to the ice-skating is that Gorgeous Girl discovered yesterday that she’s much more confident and sturdy on her rollerblades.

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We had a quiet Christmas. Fresh snow, a sleep in, roast lamb and vegetables for lunch and an open fire. We didn’t exchange a huge number of gifts because a) we were travelling and b) the trip itself was part of combined Christmas birthday gifts for everyone and I believe that experiences are more important than things.

After Christmas we had some fabulous clear sunny days and so decided to take Gorgeous Girl sledding. We hired some sleds from The Hiking Hut in Estes Park (which doesn’t appear to have a website) and headed for Hidden Valley in the Rocky Mountain National Park.

Here Gorgeous Man and Gorgeous Girl are dragging their sleds from the car park. Anticipation was high.


There is no filter on this picture. When we arrived the slope was quite empty (it filled up before the day was through though).


A nice gentle slope for first time sledders.

Gorgeous Girl squealed a bit the first time, but then took to it like she’d been sledding all her life. She was leaning and using her hands to steer the sled (this became more critical as the slope filled up) around other sledders. I was very impressed at how well she did.


The concentration was high, sledding is serious business.

I took a turn.


It was fun.

Gorgeous Man took many turns. Both solo


and with Gorgeous Girl.


We created some wonderful memories that day.

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Colorado was just beautiful. I love mountains. We spent quite a few days in Rocky Mountain National Park. It was cheaper for us to buy a year’s pass rather than pay for daily entry. Here are a few of my favourite shots.




I have to admit that while the views were spectacular it was kind of nerve wracking driving on the roads (I didn’t drive, I left that up to Gorgeous Man and he was unphased by it…).


Same road on a different day.


Still driving carefully.

Aren’t the mountains fabulous?


I feel very privileged to have been able to visit such a beautiful place.

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A visit to the snow

In which we take a break from craft blogging and inflict holiday photos on my readers (mainly so family and friends can view at their leisure…).

A few days after my graduation, my Mum returned to Perth and it was time for Gorgeous Man, Gorgeous Girl and I to make the long journey to the United States. I was presenting a paper at a conference and we decided to go over early and have a holiday beforehand. We flew with Hawaiian Airlines and I have to admit that we weren’t really impressed with the travel experience.

We had a ten hour layover in Hawaii, so we left our bags at the airport and explored the city for the day. The layover was nice, but it meant that our travelling time was extended and we were exhausted when we had finished our journey.

Gorgeous Girl was so excited to see snow on the ground that we had to stop in the car park of a service station (parking lot of a gas station) so that she could get out and touch it. We were after a white Christmas and we figured that Estes Park, the entrance to the Rocky Mountain National Park was a good place to find that. We spent our first night in Colorado in a hotel near the airport and visited Walmart and Target to outfit Gorgeous Girl in winter clothes before heading up to our accommodation. I had passed through Colorado very briefly 22 years ago while back-packing around the USA and was excited to spend more time there.

When we got to the cabin it started to snow.

snow 1

Gorgeous Girl was very impressed.

snow 2

We woke up the next morning to a winter wonderland.

snow 3

Gorgeous Girl raced out to make snowballs.

snow 5

snow 4

She didn’t last long outside :P But when she saw Gorgeous Man shovelling snow she was so excited she rushed out without her shoes.

snow 6

I loved being able to wear my hand knits and sit by the open fire knitting and just relaxing. I like winter…


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In addition to the Independence Day celebrations at Gorgeous Girl’s school there were also some where Gorgeous Man and I work.

This tree house was built for the occasion. It is the traditional house of the Koiari people.

Koiari tree house back

This is the side view.

koiari tree house side

Front view.

koiari tree house front

Gorgeous Girl and I climbed up to have a look.

in tree house

Gorgeous Girl climbed right to the top.

GGin tree

The students dressed in traditional costumes.

traditional costumes

There were demonstrations of how to prepare traditional food.

preparing food

preparing food2

These girls are preparing coconut milk.

preparing food 3

Students from other Pacific Islands also dressed in traditional costume for the occasion. These girls are from Rarotonga (Cook Islands).


I’m grateful for the opportunity to experience this first hand.

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Recently Papua New Guinea celebrated 40 years of Independence. Gorgeous Girl’s school put on celebration. The kids dressed in traditional costumes from the various regions around Papua New Guinea.

Gorgeous Girl was in the group from Manus Island. They practiced their dances for a few weeks and costumes were supplied.


We supplemented her costume with some shell necklaces.


The local ladies set up shop outside the school gates (shop consists of a cloth on the ground spread with their wares) knowing that the school has these celebrations.


One of the older classes made paper mache mud men masks.


The staff had the authentic masks.

These following ones aren’t the best pictures I took, but they do show a sense of the day without showing the faces of other people’s children.





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Fiji Part 3

I didn’t intend to leave so long between posts, but I’ve been sick this week and it was all I could manage to get to work each day. Once I got home I collapsed in a heap on the couch.

We chose Matana Beach Resort  primarily so that Gorgeous Man could become certified to do this:


He brought back some fabulous photos of the things he saw. (We put my new camera into a waterproof case).




Gorgeous Girl’s new camera (another early birthday present) also takes photos underwater. She really got the hang of snorkelling this trip.


I took this next photo as we were pulling away from the resort’s beach. It doesn’t do justice to the colour of the water.


Am I boring you yet?

I did work on my travel journal quite a bit while we were away. I still need to get photos printed, but I’ll show you some of the pages in a later post.

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