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I’ve been a bit ill. A mild cold and then (as they so charmingly say here) I was afflicted with a ‘runny tummy.’ The lovely doctor gave me antibiotics and probiotics and I’m feeling much better. Still not 100% though. So I haven’t had much energy for blogging, when  you work online and you are struggling to get through your shift blogging sometimes seems like more work instead of the fun that it is meant to be. Seems as if just when I’m getting into a rhythm  for blogging life throws me a curve ball.

There was considerable interest in the worm farm so here are a few pictures and some more details.

This is our farm.We keep it in a corner of our garage.

The shears are tilting it backwards beause the tap at the bottom was dripping.  The worms are in the top level and the juice drips down to the bottom where we collect it from the tap. At the moment the second level is empty, but once the top gets a bit fuller we will switch them around and start putting food in the empty one (which will now be on top) the worms will follow the food and migrate up and we will have the castings to put on the garden.

Speaking of the garden, the first of the seeds are up! Photos when they are big enough to actually show up in a picture.

This is what worm juice (or worm pee) looks like.

It is the result of moisture running through the castings. This is diluted 10 to 1 and is poured directly onto plants. It is awesome stuff. I’m hoping for a little more. Will try and collect some on Friday.

On the crafting front, I just finished another block for my block swap. The points police would not like this one… Only three more to go! I’ll be glad when this is out of the way. I stress to much about my level of skill. The other ladies in the group have many more years of quilting experience and a much  higher level of skill than I do. Also since I can only sew while Gorgeous Girl is sleeping – we are having a clingy Mummy Mummy stage at the moment,  it eats into my own sewing time.

Bizarrely, Gorgeous Girl will let me spin. In fact today she tried to drag me to the spinning wheel saying “Wool Wool” (as an aside, I love the fact that she can tell you that W is for Wool). Unfortunately I had to decline her offer to spin since I was working.

I’ve nearly finished a jumper (sweater) for Gorgeous Girl and the back of the handspun cardigan for me is finished.

I’m going to leave you with hard evidence that I am shrinking.

Old pants on the bottom, new skirt on the top. Old pants were a size 44, new skirt is a size 38 🙂 The skirt was an absolute bargain. It was reduced from Rand 225 to R84! The zipper is installed a bid dodgily, but for R84 I can live with that. It’s warm and comfortable.

Pictures of WIPs next post.

I’ll try not to stay away so long this time. Since I know you are all hanging out for my posts lol.

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The Western Cape of South Africa is a stunningly beautiful place. Where we live there are high mountains that meet the sea. I can see both mountains and oceans from my window while I’m working. However, there are also large flat areas that in spring have marvellous displays of wildflowers.

We recently took a drive to see what we coud find. We were a bit early in the season, but there was still some nice stuff around.

The first place we stopped was a small nature reserve. They had added the board walk since we were there last. Gorgeous Girl loved running on it.

I’m hoping that she will have her eyes open in the picture Gorgeous Man took, but I love this picture for the sheer joy it shows.

We then went to this flower reserve on a hill.

The view.

Gorgeous Girl loved the daisies –

and the bugs on them.

They were kind of cool.

I had my weigh in at the gym today. Weight loss is less than a kilo, so not worth mentioning, but I did make it onto the Curves “Wall of Fame” this month: 2 cms off waist, 2cms of thighs and 4cms off hips = 10 cms total loss. Now to get there more consistently next month and keep heading in the right direction.

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I could show you the extra inch or so on Juno Regina.

But that would be boring. Let’s talk about other things.

Gorgeous Man found a place online that will provide us with a box of organic vegetables and fruit straight from the farmers. We have to go to one of the local health food shops to pick it up. We had our first box last week. It’s been great, we’ve been a bit more inventive with the cooking. Gorgeous Man oven-roasted baby leaks with thyme the other night – they were good and Gorgeous Girl liked them. We get our next box on Monday. I’m excited. I’m also going to get them to add some organic ground coffee to the box 🙂

We bought this at the traffic lights this afternoon.

Made from beads and wire.

With Gorgeous Girl for size comparison.

She accessorised herself with the necklace this morning. Excuse the mess in the background. The room tends to go to cactus while I’m working.

I went to the gym today. First time since I got back from Australia. I got weighed and measured. It wasn’t as bad as I’d feared after 2 months of no exercise.  Weight is up 600 grams (just over a pound). Once centimeter increase on thighs and waist and 4cms on abdomen – the area I always gain weight in first. Though arms are down 1cm and body fat is also the lowest that it’s been. As the lovely lady who does the measuring pointed out, although there are some gains, I’m still below where I started from, and that’s a good thing. Hopefully now I’m home I can get back into a regular pattern of gym attendance and really knock some weight off.

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Gorgeous Girl has a new quilt.

I finally finished sewing the binding on last night.

I spread it out on the floor for Gorgeous Girl to find in the morning.

I think it’s a hit.

The colours are truer in the pictures with Gorgeous Girl.

Another scarf arrived this week from Vikki.

She was also very naughty and included some fabulous handmade stitch markers. I will post a picture of them in my next post.

Today was weigh in day at my gym. I’ve had 13 sessions there. The only place I’ve lost is 5 cms from my hips (that’s about 2 inches for you folk still using imperial). The chest area actually gained 4 cm! And body fat has reduced by half a percent.

Not as good as I’d hoped, but I do feel fitter walking around our very steep and hilly campus, so that’s a good thing. I’ve got another few weeks to keep working before the next round of measurements.

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