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This year I’ve been reading less about other people’s crafting adventures and spending more time on my own.

Continuing with the Christmas gift theme. This is the shawl I gave to my Mum.

The yarn is a little thicker than the one that went to Kerin and it’s superwash merino instead of silk. I finished the Christmas Eve.

This is an upcycled St*rbucks bag. We don’t get St*rbucks in South Africa, this came home from the USA with me in April last year, as I was sure it would come in handy for something.

I used the paper flower to cover the logo. This little bag held Kerin’s Christmas gift. I love that she told me she reused it as a gift bag.

A simple scrapbooking page.

I did adjust the position of the flowers a little after taking the picture. I’m not totally confident in my scrapping skills and post the pages here mainly for my friend Kerin (who got me started on the whole scrapbooking journey) to provide hints and tips. This page was done mostly out of frustration as we are trying to break the finger-sucking habit…

I have to admit that I shamelessly copied this card from my very talented sister-in-law.

I need to visit the local second hand store and see if they have more buttons. She was also kind enough to send me some of the flowers punched out. This punch is on my wishlist…

Of course a blog post would not be complete without a picture of some handspun.

I now have 4 quilt blocks sewn and 4 more cut out, so nearly enough to show a work in progress picture. It’s coming together rather quickly (for me) I’m a very slow quilter.

I’ve also started a project journal. Keeping a record of projects completed along with photos and ball bands and project notes. I’m also going to track how much yarn comes in and how much yarn goes out. This is problematic because with all the spinning I do yarn comes in faster than it goes out.

So far this year I’ve put 173 grams IN.

No projects completed yet, so I don’t know how much is out.




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Now that Christmas is over and gifts have been delivered. I can share some of the handmade goodies I gave this year.

I made my Mum a little Grandma brag book.

I know that my scrapbooking skills have a long way to go.

My friend Kerin sent over a package of goodies with my mother. Including the bag for Gorgeous Girl shown in this post some Australian Chocolates for Gorgeous Man and some scrapbooking supplies for me. Today my mum delivered this (and a few other things) to her.

Handspun silk. She tells me she likes it 😀

Mum stayed in my office/craftroom while she was here and so we rearranged the furniture to accommodate her better. I actually really like the way it’s set up now and it has made the sewing machine more accessible which has meant that there is a new quilt under way. Photos when I have more than one completed block finished.

Wishing everyone a happy new year filled with lots of crafting time.

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