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Recently a dear friend and I did a skills swap.  I made her this shawl.

Gratuitous second shot.

In return she used her mad jewelery making skills to make me this.

Sadly, my photography skills do not do it justice.

I’ve also been reconnecting with my sewing machine. This little guy was a gift for a birthday party Gorgeous Girl attended recently.

The denim is from a pair of Gorgeous Man’s jeans that grew holes far too quickly.

Lastly, this gorgeous handspun yarn

has been knitted into pieces and is being assembled into a bag for my good friend Lisa. I’m hoping we will get a chance to meet up when we are in Australia at the end of the year (she lives in a different state to where our families are, so it may take some coordination) and I can give it to her in person.

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Last week we had two reasons to celebrate.

Firstly, this little baby

Turned 4.

Birthday cake made by Gorgeous Man, candle placement by the Gorgeous Girl.

She’s growing up very quickly.

This was taken for Spring Festival at her school.

The other celebration in the house was the news that Gorgeous Man is now officially Dr Gorgeous Man! All paper work pertaining to his PhD thesis has been completed and the degree conferred. We are hoping to get to Australia for the graduation ceremony in June next year. So I can take pictures of him with in a funny hat and gown.

I may have had a birthday as well, but we don’t need to talk about that.

Coming soon in a post for you, finished sewing and knitting objects, because this is still a craft blog…

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