Another hat

Another hat came off the needles recently.


It’s a little bit big on Big Dolly (she had a name when she was mine, but Gorgeous Girl doesn’t name her toys but rather gives them all descriptions). It should fit a pre-teen boy. It’s another charity knit.

I love the top of this hat.


I’ve been on a bit of a hat knitting kick lately. There are another two hats waiting to be photographed. On the needles at the moment is a handspun lace shawl. It’s a busy time of the semester with student assessment due and exams needing to be written (they are all done, but student assessment still needs marking) so I’m only managing a few rows here and there at the moment.

A shawlette

Last year the wonderful SamĀ  sent me a pattern (Antartkis). I gleefully chose yarn and packed it into my bag for our trip to Australia where I got sidetracked by a gaggle of hippos.

Recently the shawl made it off the needles. It’s pretty small. I used bigger needles than called for since my yarn was a little thicker, but I did have to miss some repeats because I was running out of yarn. I’ve been hoarding this yarn for a while and I’m really pleased with how it has knitted up.

antarktis2 antarktis3

I love the way it has turned out. It does need to be blocked, but I kind of like it as a shawlette size to tuck into an overcoat.

Gorgeous Girl likes it to. She is insisting that we share it.


The really awesome news is that we’ll actually have a place to wear it and that I’m going to get to meet Sam in person at the beginning of next year. I’ve had a paper accepted at a conference in the United States and we are going to go over a little bit early so that Gorgeous Girl can see snow and we can all have a white Christmas. We’ll be visiting two states and I have blogging friends that I’m going to meet up with in both of them. I love how the blog has made my world a smaller place.

Some finishes

So we moved house. Just up the road to a new house in the same neighbourhood. We still don’t have the TV or internet connected and I’m spending a lot of time unpacking. But I have also been quietly playing with yarn in the few spare moments when it’s simply too hot to keep unpacking or my feet are screaming for me to take a break.

Behold the last hippo for a while.

finished grey hippo1

finished grey hippo2

With a friend.

finished grey hippo and friend

I taught myself to knit two colours holding the yarn in each hand recently. This is the result.

stranded hat1

The inside.

stranded hat inside

The band is a twisted rib. This hat also used up all of the coloured yarn out of my stash. I’m trying to use up the odds and ends this year. This little hat will go to a friend of mine and will be given to a child in the foster care system.

I’m going to go and talk to the internet company today, apparently arranging redirection is impossible over the phone. Hopefully it won’t be too long before I’m back on line more regularly…

Another grey hippo

I’m making another grey hippo. It’s nearly finished.

grey hippo body

Then it will sit in a cloth bag for a few months until I go to Australia and post it to The Calico Cat. I hope she likes him. I’m kind of charmed by the colour combo.

Why I love my stash

On Wednesday last week Gorgeous Girl received an invitation to a birthday party today. There’s not much in the way of kid’s toys to buy in Papua New Guinea, the market is filled with cheap plastic toys from China like imitation Barbie dolls and the like. So Gorgeous Girl and I raided the stash. She found some pink fabric that I was sure that I would never use. I’d received it as part of a friend’s destash when I was living in South Africa. Next we went through the 2.5 inch pre-cut squares and chose the ones she thought her little friend would enjoy the most. Using this pattern as inspiration. I sewed a cushion cover.


Have I mentioned that I’m now gainfully employed? Thesis is finished and I’ve been spending my days writing lectures and marking assessment items.

This means less spare time and I’m falling woefully behind on my blog reading and my own blog posting (sigh).


More spinning

This is some malabrigo nube fibre that I picked up in Poland in last year.

polish haul

It’s the one on the left. I turned it into this:



Colours were hard to capture. They are brighter and there’s more purple.

Spinning is on hold for a while. Gorgeous Girl has commandeered my favourite wheel and is spinning. She’s doing about 5 minutes a day and is doing really well. This time around she’s starting to draft and we are planning to ply the yarn when she’s done. Her previous skeins have all been chunky singles. She knows how to knit now, but only picks up the needles once in a blue moon, but I’m thinking we’ll see if she can knit a hat or scarf out of this yarn, depending on how much she ends up with.

Time Travelling

When Gorgeous Man saw this layout he commented that I was time travelling, these photos are from late 1994/early 1995. I’ve been trying to work up some of the older photos that have been sitting in a box for years.

Now that I have internet again, I decided to play along with a scrapping challenge as I always find them very inspiring. This layout was based on My Scraps and More Sketches, sketch #102

This is the sketch.

I chose to do a double layout.


I used some washi tapi to make a frame for the bird stamp. Bird stamp was an image I received from my SMIL who graciously gives me her scraps.


The “Amazing” chipboard comes from Scrapmats. I was lucky enough to win some of their chipboard last year. Due to having it sent to my SIL Australia rather than up here to Papua New Guinea, and then accidentally leaving it behind on one of my visits, I’ve had to wait until now to play with it. It’s lovely, and perfect for the page, I think.


I used some map paper I had as the background. This had the price written on it in Rand, which means I bought it while we were living in South Africa, making it at least 4 years old. Better used late than never though, right? I’ve been hoarding saving it for just the right page.


If you look closely at the price on the ticket. I paid 50 jiao (Chinese cents) to get into the park.


I’ve been trying to find a way to scrap these photos for a while and love the inspiration the sketch gave.


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