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We travelled to visit Gorgeous Man’s father’s place to celebrate a milestone birthday. Gorgeous Man’s siblings came and most of the grandchildren were also able to make the trip. It was a wonderful weekend of memory making.

Gorgeous Man’s step-mother had recently acquired a loom. It was passed on to her from a friend. After watching a few online videos, I warped it up with the help of my 15 year old niece and we started weaving.

weaving in progress

I used some Vinni’s Colours cotton as both the warp and weft (see how I’ve got the lingo down) 😀

The two of us were so excited at how it was turning out that we were jumping up and down.

After a few hours we had this.

finished weaving1

It is unwashed at this point.

finished weaving2

Our edges got better as we went along.

finished weaving 3

This is closer to the actual colour (yes there are a few skipped threads in there, but it’s not bad for a first attempt). Then, although it was a wrench. I gave my/our first weaving to the niece (need to get them addicted to the yarn arts early).

Before I left I gave my step-mother-in-law a quick lesson on warping the loom and weaving. I did tell her that it was a case of the extremely short sighted leading the blind and that the next time I visit I am expecting lessons from her.

A loom is going on my wish list! There has been stash acquisitions. But they deserve their own post.


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