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Zambia – Day two and three

After spending the night at our campsite we headed out of Livingstone towards Shesheke.

Gorgeous Man had posted on a Zambia travel forum asking for good places to see butterflies and after taking a look at his blog  a lodge approached him with the offer of free accomodation in return for a survey of their butterfly population and so that was our first destination.

This was the main road.

This was a good road as far as Zambian roads go.

From the road we had our first view of the Zambezi River.

We also passed through traditional villages. The picture was taken from the window of the car as we flashed past. I wanted to capture what the countryside looked like, but at the same time I didn’t want to just pull up and take pictures of someone’s house.

Once at the lodge, Gorgeous Man spent a few days butterfly hunting and Gorgeous Girl found ways to amuse herself.

Climbing and swinging from the fence railings

and creating artwork in the sand.

This is a bug.

We were so tired that we spent the first few days here going to sleep as soon as the sun set. It was most relaxing. It also rained a fair bit while we were there and so I holed up in the cabin and got lots of knitting done. Just what my soul needed.

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Zambia – day one

So, we are still in Brisbane waiting to sort out our visas for Papua New Guinea. But I have a new computer and am once again connected and may as well inflict my holiday photos upon you regal you with tales of our Zambian trip…

After having the house packed and rehoming the cat

(This is mostly books) 🙂

We got up at 5 am to head to Zambia for a much needed holiday.

Gorgeous Girl was thrilled to find a family of cats living at the Livingstone International Airport.

So we had to stop while she said hello. After leaving the airport we were met by an employee of Hemmingways and taken to pick up the car we had hired. After being shown how to use the vehicle we picked up some groceries and headed to our first campsite.

The car had two tents on top. This is Gorgeous Girl’s tent.

The view from the front of the car.


Gorgeous Girl slept in her own ‘room’ most nights. We made sure that she knew not to climb down the ladder in the dark. Armed with her torch and her water bottle she was really good about sleeping in her own little tent.

A highlight of the evening for Gorgeous Girl was finding a giant cricket.

Those that know Gorgeous Man will realise that Gorgeous Girl is truly her father’s daughter.



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