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Can I ride?

I’m entering this layout in the Stuck?! Sketches October 15th Sketch Challenge.

Here is the sketch we were given to follow.

october 15 stuck sketch

I pulled out my hexagon quilting template and went to town.


Gosh it’s hard to get purples to photograph accurately. Unusually for me 90% of the paper on this page came from a single line of paper: Kaisercraft Violet Crush.

Photo was taken at the second wedding that Gorgeous Girl was in last year. She was very taken with the vintage car and was most disappointed that the only the Bride and the Bride’s father got to ride in it to the church and not the flower girls as well.

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Simple Joys

I’m entering this page in the Let’s Get Sketchy Team B October Week 2 Challenge.

Here is the sketch we were given.


I thought this would be a great sketch for scrapping up a sequence of photos I have. They are not the clearest photos, but they tell a story.


Gorgeous Girl received this pool for Christmas last year while we were in Australia, but we couldn’t set it up until we arrived back in PNG as we needed it to stay in the box so we could take it on the plane. These photos capture her much anticipated first use of the pool.

I used the frame of a wood veneer I had used in a previous sketch to stencil the orange circle. I used water colour pencils and chalk pastels to colour it in and some glitter stickers for the title.


Then I did another page using the sketch so that I could use all the photos in this series.


And the two of them together…


There’s a few things I’d do differently next time to make the two pages more cohesive, but hey it’s all a learning experience. I’m thankful for a sketch that encouraged me to use up four photos in a layout!

Thanks for looking

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So, the conference paper for Hong Kong is written, and the shortened presentation is worked out.

My presentation for university is done.

Travel documentation has been printed and the suitcase is packed except for the last minute things. Handbag has been cleaned out and purse will have Australian money, bank cards and ID transferred across shorty. Hotel for the first night in Hong Kong is booked and transport to the conference location is sorted thanks to the excellent maps of the MTR available online. I’ve also gotten the travelling crafty things ready.

travelling yarn

Two knitting and three crochet projects. That should be enough to keep me going for 9 days, right? The blue yarn is one I dyed with Kool Aid. I’m excited to see how that is going to crochet up.

I finally got around to sewing the ears onto Happy Hippo.


hippo 3

It ended up taking much less time than I anticipated, though one ear did get sewn on twice. Now I just need to source eyes for the little fellow, but that will happen when we are in Australia over the year end. I learned a lot with this one and I’m sure that the one I’m currently making motifs for will be even better.

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Baking scrapbook pages

I’m entering these pages in the Let’s Get Sketchy Challenge.

I really liked the sketch when I saw it, lots of white space and simple lines.

LGS October, 2014 Team A Week 1

The colour scheme for this was inspired by the butterfly I used for the embellishment. I was given a 6.5 inch Violet Crush pad from Kaisercraft for my birthday last week and I wanted to break into it.


I edged each paper element with stripes and dots.

Here’s the page.


I then flipped the sketch for the second photo.


I’ve digitally erased the names of the kids in the journalling. This was a great way to use photos of different orientations. These photos were taken when Gorgeous Girl was staying with her cousins in Australia last year. You can see her DIY haircut very clearly in these photos…

Here’s the two layouts together.


Thanks for looking.

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This yarn’s been off the wheel for a few days quietly languishing waiting for a wash. It’s the result of two evenings of spinning.

I’m calling it sea glass because the soft gentle green reminds me of the glass you can occasionally find washed up on the beach. The colour is really hard to capture, this is the best I could manage.


It’s superfine South African merino that I dyed myself a few several years ago. 19 wraps per inch and 310 metres.

It’s not plied as tightly or as evenly as I would like, but the spinning wheel needs a new drive band. I’ve ordered one and had it sent to a friend’s place in the USA, they will be attending the same conference as me in Hong Kong and I’ll pick it up off them then. Hopefully that will make a difference, right now my ladybug doesn’t like going counter-clockwise to ply.

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There’s not much crafting going on here at Ruth’s Place. I’m spending my days writing, rewriting, reading and editing. Yesterday I sent off a draft of the second chapter of my thesis to my university and in a few weeks time I have to go to Australia and do an oral presentation to a panel and then attend an interview.This is to monitor my progress and get the whole thing ready for submission at the end of the year.

The day after that I’m flying to Hong Kong to present a paper at a conference. I’ve been very lucky in that my university provided me with a travel scholarship so that I could attend. Without it I doubt I’d be able to go.

I have pulled yarn from the stash in anticipation of plane crocheting. I’m hoping to get 2 Christmas presents 90% done on the plane rides so that all I have to do on my return is stuff them and sew them up. I haven’t printed the patterns yet because our printer decided to stop working.

Anyway, for your entertainment, here is a picture I did recently. Gorgeous Girl and I sat down and did some drawing and playing with ink one day after school for a few minutes. It was a good way to transition from school to home and I think I’m going to try and do this more often.


I’m hoping to get some ears sewn on to a hippopotamus tonight. Eyes will probably have to wait until the end of the year when we are back in Australia. I haven’t seen any for sale here in PNG.

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One of the things that I miss, living in the tropics, is Autumn. I miss watching the colours of the leaves change and the anticipation of wearing snuggly hand knits and lighting a fire. We have two seasons: hot and wet and hot and dry. Anyway, the October challenge at Berry71Bleu was an autumn themed mood board.

I had no autumn photos, but I did have some papers that matched the board and so scrapped up this page of Gorgeous Girl on safari in Zambia in 2011. It’s hard to believe how much she has grown! She had just turned 4 in this picture.


I used my hexagon templates from quilting and wrote the journalling in a plain one.


The other solid hexagon was cut from a piece of embossed card my SMIL sent me as part of a care package a while ago.


I used some barbed wire from Molossi.


This page took me much loner than it usually takes me to make a page (and I’m not a fast scrapper to start with), but I’m happy with how it turned out, and it’s one more photo out of the box and onto a page…

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