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Gorgeous Man’s contract in South Africa was for 6 years. This year was our sixth year and so Gorgeous Man has been looking for work elsewhere.

I’m happy to say that he has secured a new position. But life is a little hectic right now. I finish work on November 30 and we have removalists booked to come and pack 90% of the house on Friday the 2nd of December. They will leave our beds up and we will camp among boxes for the weekend and then on Monday the 5th of December they will finish the last little bit of packing and load the boxes and furniture into the shipping container.

We then fly to Zambia the next day. We decided that since one of the biggest costs to doing an African safari is actually getting to Africa that we should do safari as a way to say goodbye to the African continent. So we’ve hired a 4WD with roof top tents and will spend three weeks in the bush. We have taken Gorgeous Girl on safari twice now, and both times we have failed to see elephants. Gorgeous Man has assured her that she will see elephants on this trip.

After our safari we fly back to Cape Town for 2 days to close bank accounts and do that last minute stuff and head to Australia just in time for New Year. We will have roughly a month in Australia and then we will head to our new destination.

I’ll share our new destination once medical checks have been passed and visas issued, because I’m suspicious like that.

Unfortunately, we cannot take FatBoy, our cat, with us and so are still looking for a home for him. If you are in Cape Town and would love a friendly cat to snuggle with I’d love to hear from you.

Blog posting will be intermittent until February, 2012 (when we will be settled in our new house) as I will not have regular access to a computer while we are in Zambia, and in Australia will have to rely on friends and family for computer and internet access.

We are sad to be leaving South Africa, but excited by new possibilities and adventures that lie ahead.

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