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My paper crafting mojo has pretty much disappeared this year, but I did have a brief flash of inspiration recently.

hearts art journal1

This is my first solo art journalling attempt since taking classes with my very talented sister-in-law. I think acrylic paints instead of water colours would work better for the backgrounds.

hearts art journal2

I stenciled the roof. Background is a google map that I used to find my way in Hong Kong a few years ago. I saved it at the time for an art journal background.

hearts art journal3

On this page it’s an old book and some old sheet music. I’m kinda sorta happy with it. The pages done in class are much nicer. I think I need to add some trees and perhaps some small flowers.

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I bought this fibre in Poland in 2014. The two braids on the left have been spun already, but the one on the right marinated in the stash for a while.

polish haul

It’s all spun up now.

malabrigo nube glitter2Pretty…

malabrigo nube glitter1

Love how this turned out.

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I found some giant snails wandering in our garden.


I was able to sneak up and get some close-ups.



Knitted with yarn I spun using roving from Nurturing Fibres.

Pattern available here on Ravelry and here for non-Ravelry users.

They now live on my bookshelf.

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When I was in grade three or four, our class was divided along gender lines and we were taught a craft one afternoon a week. The boys got to bang blocks of wood together (and I desperately wanted to do that) and the girls got to do things like embroider (I remember the teacher laughing at me when I asked her to re-thread my string I should have said thread apparently…). After embroidery for a few weeks we were taught to crochet. My classmates churned out dozens of colourful bookworms and I managed to produce a tangled mess. I never did get a bookworm of my own.

When I saw this bookworm pattern on Ravelry I decided it was high time that my eight year old self (and my eight year old daughter) got a crocheted bookworm.


Mine are in decidedly nicer yarn than was used back then. The green is a cotton yarn from an indie-dyer in South Africa and purple is handspun I dyed myself.

bookworm in natural habitat

In its natural habitat.

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