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I have finally spun up the last of they fibre I dyed myself when I first started spinning in 2008. I split the braid in half and then split one half in half again to get a blend of mixed and plain colours.

Here it is before its bath.

stuff I dyed 1

It bloomed nicely.

my dye1

All caked and ready to knit. my dye

It’s going to marinate in the stash for a while though. Hopefully not as long (8 years) as the fibre did…

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A present

Gorgeous Girl has been invited to a birthday party. We decided to make a handmade gift. I made a little pink cat. Gorgeous Girl chose the yarn because her friend likes pink.

crochet cat

It’s ears are even, my photo is wonky.

I hope Gorgeous Girl’s friend likes it.


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