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We have arrived safely in Brazil.

Flying over the Andes from Santiago, Chile was amazing. Photo credit to Gorgeous Man and his smart phone.

Going to take a brief blogging break. But I promise to tell you all about our travels when I return home to Papua New Guinea.

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We’ve been doing a fair bit of driving to get to all the appointments and things that we need to do, so I’ve been knitting in the car.

I finished this little cardigan. It’s been posted to charity.

Earlier this week I was in a fabric store finding quilting thread for a quilt in progress (I have to plan in advance so brought the blocks with me to match). Gorgeous Girl asked if she could make another quilt. So we discussed what pattern she wants to make – she said squares and rectangles. I immediately thought of one of Kate’s latest finishes.  We won’t be making one this big though… I told Gorgeous Girl she could pick two patterns and one plain fabric (we will also dig through the stash once we’re home to see what else will work). She created quite a stir wandering around choosing her fabric.

This was her selection in the end.

Not necessarily the colours I would have chosen, but it’s not my quilt. I will do the cutting for her, (because as talented as she is, 5 year olds don’t get to play with rotary cutters) and she will do the piecing. She does know that she needs to finish her first quilt before starting a new one 🙂 I’m all for starting good habits young.


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We’ve been busy doing all the things that need to be done. I’ve had my more treatment on my foot, a broken filling repaired and a new small cavity fixed…

I have managed to sneak in a bit of knitting. I seriously lost my mojo on this piece, especially after having a brain freeze and missing two of the lace rows. Blocking will have to wait until I’m reunited with my blocking pins. In the end I just cast off and called it done.

It’s a beaded lace cowl. I’m a bit disappointed with the yarn. It was so soft in the ball, but feels a bit scratchy on. Still it will keep me warm when I visit colder climates.

Today I’ve scheduled a reading day. Gorgeous Man and Gorgeous Girl are out for the day and I’m trying to get some books read before I have to take them back to the university library.

I’ve also managed to finish a cardigan for charity while driving in the car, but it needs the ends woven in and a photo session.

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