Daily Life

I’ve spoken a few times about our trip to school every day. When we moved here at the beginning of 2012 the road in and out of town from where we live was single lane in each direction. Now the road is being up-graded to a two-lane divided road. But while the construction continues traffic is slow.



Today on the way home from school we had to stop for traffic of a different sort.


A group of these cattle had wandered out of their paddock. Yesterday we had to stop in this spot for a flock of sheep. This isĀ  a section of road that hasn’t been worked on yet. Eventually the construction will extend all the way out to here.

I hope you’ve enjoyed your glimpse into my daily drive.

Dyeing yarn again

On the weekend Gorgeous Girl asked if we could dye some more yarn. I fished around in the stash (starting to run out of white dyeable yarn) and found this wool/acrylic blend in cream.

We did two batches. First a blue and deep purple.

blue and black yarn

I have to confess that Gorgeous Girl had planned this to be a blue and dark pink. When the pink wasn’t dark enough for her liking I went to add a drop of black food colouring and too much came out. Time to invest in an eyedropper I think.

blue and black yarn 2

Still, I think it works. The purple sections are a bit darker than the photo, almost black.

Next up we dyed some pink and purple yarn. The grape KoolAid turned out a bit darker than we expected, so we over-dyed it with some pink food colouring. I’m calling this Dusky Rose.

dusky rose yarn

Another shot.

dusky rose yarn 2

I think I need to try and find more white or cream wool yarn when I’m in Australia over Christmas so we can continue to play with the dye pots. Perhaps I’ll get lucky and find some unloved yarn in some Op Shops (thrift stores).

Little finish

Life’s been busy here for the past week. So I only have a little finish to share. Most of this was done in the car (as a passenger), a small hat for charity.

crochet hat 1

Gorgeous Man says it looks like a flapper’s hat from the 1920s. I knitted a flower to go with it.

crochet hat2

I’m really pleased with how this came together. I hope it brings joy to someone.

Gorgeous Girl and I dyed some more yarn today, at her request. At this stage I’m considering one batch a success and one is more ‘meh’ but I’ll make a final assessment once it is dry and re-skeined.

Pictures to follow.

Playing with yarn

I go a bit mad in our traffic as a passenger if I don’t have anything to do with my hands, it just seems like such a waste of time! So on the way out of the door on Sunday I quickly grabbed a spare ball of yarn from the stash (left over from a pre-Ravelry project) and started crocheting in the car.

crochet beanie

A basic baby beanie that will be donated to charity.

I have some lace knitting on the go as well, but that requires too much concentration to do in the car. This shawl:

frost diamonds1

Pattern is free from Knitty.com. Frost Diamonds. The yarn is much more purple in real life and, because it’s a wool/silk blend, has quite a sheen to it. This yarn was my souvenir to myself from our trip to South America last year.

Another photo because I’m loving how this is turning out.

frost diamonds2

I have the flu. Sunday and Monday I felt terrible, but have turned the corner today and am starting to feel better.

Playing with Paper

I think I am fighting off the flu. I feel very ordinary, so let me share with you someĀ  happy paper play I did a while back.

Birthday cards.

happy birthday card d

A masculine one.

happy birthday card m

A feminine one.

And a scrapbook page using a very old photo from 1997. I’m thinking, in hindsight, that I should have left the edges of the page bare rather than painting on it…

wedding page 1

Hardly seems possible that I’ve been married that long. We got married at the height of the Australian summer, while I have some traditional park/manicured garden photos, we also took some in the Australian bush.

Now if you’ll excuse me I think I’m going to lie back down and have a little nap.

A little hat

A few weeks ago Gorgeous Girl and I dyed some yarn.

pink and blue stripe yarn

Last week I was in need of an easy car project and so cast on a hat for Gorgeous Girl. A few trips in the car later and it was done.

koolaid hat 1

Complaining about the flash.

koolaid hat 3

I like the way it striped on the top.

I think I’m going to have to break out the dyepots and dye up some more yarn.


Some Spinning

This has been a ‘few minutes here and there’ project. The fibre was Malabrigo Nube 100% Merino wool that I bought in Poland at Magic Loop. (Seriously, if you are ever in Warsaw visit their store, it is awesome).

malabrigo nube arco iris

I decided to see if I could spin to match Malabrigo’s DK weight yarn Rastita.

nube spun

Here it is with the commercially produced yarn as a comparison.

nube and rasita comparison

My yarn is on top, looking a bit rougher. The commercially spun yarn is a lot more consistent than mine. I have problems spinning a consistent thick single – consistent thin singles are much easier for me.

This was a project that I really didn’t like while it was on the wheel. I worried about how the colours were coming together. However, once off the wheel and skeined and caked I really rather like it…

nube caked

nube caked 2

nube caked 3

as evidenced by the multitude of pictures I took of it.

Unfortunately there’s not very much of it, so now I need to work out what I can make with it.


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